Parineeti 4th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Madhu catching Pari collecting evidence in her room which surprises Pari.

Pari is not afraid of Madhu she terrifies Pari saying that she has informed the Police about her.

Madhu tells Pari that she wants to send her behind the bar along with Rajeev so that she can spend some quality time with him.

On the other hand, Rushad meets the Inspector while Rajeev overhears their conversation and gets to know that Madhu was Rushad’s secretary who married him.

Rajeev wonders and wishes to tell this thing to Pari while Rushad receives the call and gets to know that Pari has gone to Madhu’s place to collect the evidence.

Meanwhile, Madhu asks Pari to give back the evidence to her if she wants to go away from there after which Balli beats the waiter.

Pari keeps the bag on the floor and asks Madhu to take it after which Madhu is about to take it but Pari slaps her and runs from there along with Balli.

After coming from the room they find two goons of Madhu standing outside after which they bring Pari and Balli to an empty room and terrify them.

Meanwhile, Pari recalls that she kept the bag outside after which she manages to hide the bag but the waiter holds her hands and asks her to not show any cleverness to him.

Later, another waiter tells his childhood story in front of Pari and Bali while Madhu asks to open the door after which the waiter gets to know that Madhu has been locked inside the room.

On the other hand, Pammi dreams that Rajeev has been declared the culprit and has been sent to jail after which she wakes and starts to shiver.

Then, Rajveer brings water for her and asks her to not panic while she tells him that she can do anything to bring back Rajeev after which Rajveer asks her to have faith in god.

After that, Pammi wipes off her tears and goes to see Pari whereas Madhu comes and scolds Pari and Balli for acting cleverly in front of her.

Balli argues with Madhu which offends her after which she slaps him and asks him to be within his limits while Madhu’s men warn him and say that they will kill him for misbehaving with Madhu.

Madhu asks them to not argue with Balli whereas Neeti reminds the days that she spent with Rajeev which brings tears to her eyes.

She cries and says that after Pari came into Rajeev’s life then everything came to an end between her and Rajeev.

On the other hand, Pari asks Madhu to let her go from there and live peacefully along with Rushad but Madhu asks her to not give free lectures to her.

After that, Pari asks for help while Madhu’s friend comes to meet her after which she goes to meet her and asks the waiter to lock Pari and Balli in the room.   

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