Parineeti 4th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 4th December 2023 episode starts with Pammi telling Pari that what is meant for her will come to her while Neeti tells Bebe that she is feeling helpless for herself as her friend is starting a new life with her husband.

Bebe tells her that it’s Kalyug so every relationship is just meant for their mean and that she never had a good vibe for Pari from the start.

Meanwhile, guests arrive when Pammi asks Gurinder to start the function by applying mehendi on Pari’s hand but Gurinder refuses to do the same as she wasn’t asked whether she wants Rajeev to be married to Pari.

Pammi says that Rajeev himself chose Pari and requests Gurinder not to demean their family in front of guests leading Gurinder to agree to her and start the function.

In the meantime, Neeti tells Bebe that she sacrificed her career and dreams for Rajeev but in the end, she got deceived by him.

Bebe says that Rajeev isn’t the main culprit as Pari is the main person who slowly inculcated poison in Rajeev against her.

On the other hand, everyone applies mehendi on Pari’s hand while she notices Neeti crying beside and murmurs that if things were in her hand then, she would have corrected the things.

Meanwhile, Pammi shows mehendi to Rajeev while he gets nostalgic and thinks about Neeti when Pammi asks the designer to write Rajeev’s name on Pari’s hand.

However, Rajeev says that he will write it on his hand while Bebe provokes Neeti to do something leading Neeti to decide that she will make Rajeev feel embarrassed before marrying Pari.

She goes and pushes Rajeev when the mehendi gets applied to both Rajeev and Pari’s hands when Rajeev stands and scolds Neeti for trying to spoil his mehendi.

He states that things happen according to god’s will and thanks Neeti as mehendi got applied to his hands due to Neeti’s bad intentions.

Meanwhile, he mentions that Mehendi’s colour will bring happiness in his life as he is going to start a new life with Pari while Pammi explains to Pari not to worry about Neeti and to think about herself.

Pari blames herself for bad things happening to Neeti when Pammi says that things are happening according to destiny.

She asks Pari not to back off from marriage as after so long, things are getting sorted in their family therefore, she does not want her to ruin the happiness of their family again after Neeti.

Meanwhile, Neeti comes beating the plate in the hall which attracts everyone’s attention towards her while Rajeev murmurs that Neeti is again going to start any other drama and prays to god to handle the situation.

Neeti asks Pari to be happy as she is going to marry Rajeev which she wanted from starting while tears roll down from Pari’s eyes.

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