Parineeti 4th February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 4th February 2024 episode starts with Gurinder telling Pammi that she met Neeti and she tested Neeti if she has lost her memory or not.

Gurinder assures her that Neeti has lost her memory because Neeti was giving blessings to Rajeev and Pari but Pammi does not believe in her and says that she will confirm from another doctor.

After that, Gurinder requests Pammi to accept Neeti as she has accepted Pari whereas Rakesh regrets losing Pari and his mother gets emotional seeing him in so much grief.

Then, his father comes and says that they are unlucky to have a child like him which provokes Rakesh's mother's anger whereas Rakesh ignores them and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Pari gets emotional while hugging her and Neeti's photo frame recalling her old good days that she spent with Neeti.

She tells Rajeev that Neeti is very much close to her heart and she is happy to get back her old Neeti again.

Just then, Chandrika comes and gives Rajeev and Pari's clothes that they have to wear to function after that she pulls Rajeev's leg.

In the meantime, Bebe comes into Neeti's room and asks if she has lost her memory and has forgotten her.

Neeti tells her that she hasn't forgotten anything which puts Bebe in dilemma after that Neeti makes fun of Bebe which confuses her if she has forgotten everything.

Then, Bebe gives her dress to wear to the function and says that she is missing her old Neeti who was cunning and clever.

She compares her with Pari which provokes Neeti's anger and she asks Bebe to not say anything against Pari which makes Bebe sure that Neeti has lost her memory.

However, Pammi contacts the doctor and requests her to meet her as she wants to discuss Neeti's case so the doctor asks her to meet in half an hour.

On the other hand, the function starts and Neeti blesses Rajeev and Pari in front of everyone whereas Bebe asks them to start the ritual.

At the same time, Rakesh drinks alcohol and goes to meet Pari while Pammi tells Chandrika that she is going for some urgent work and asks her to take care of the things behind her.

Then, Chandrika tells family members that Pammi will come after half an hour so they decide when Pammi will come then they will do the ritual.

Meanwhile, Neeti asks everyone to play a game in which the person who wins will dominate over the other so she explains the rules of the game.

Pari and Rajeev get excited to play the game whereas Bebe wonders what new thing is Neeti going to do.

In the meantime, Pammi meets the doctor and asks her to show the original reports to her but the doctor denies it and tells her that she can see the copy of the report that Neeti has.

This creates doubts in Pammi's mind and she thinks that it's Neeti and the doctor's plan to make other people think that Neeti has lost her memory.

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