Parineeti 4th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 4th January 2024 episode starts with Pari showing Sukhwinder a bottle of poison and tells her that now everyone will think that Pari died of intense choking due to fire.

Meanwhile, Pari is being shifted to the ward when Rajeev kisses her hand while Neeti fumes in anger.

He asks Pari to wake up as everyone is worried about her but the doctor says that Pari's body is not responding at all to the treatment.

Pari is then taken to the room by the doctors after which Neeti follows her and accidentally bumps into the nurse who is also her childhood friend.

The nurse says that Pari will respond eventually which makes Neeti think that Pari will not live to see another day.

Later, Rajeev and Pammi are with Pari who is still unconscious, Pammi says to herself that seeing Pari like this pains her heart.

Pammi then leaves the room while Neeti sees Rajeev and Pari from the glass window and thinks of a plan to get Rajeev out of the room.

A nurse calls Rajeev to the reception so that he can pay the room bill, Neeti goes inside the room as soon as Rajeev leaves.

Neeti thinks that she should strangle Pari while Neeti and Pari's friend who is a nurse decides to check up on Pari once.

Neeti starts strangling Pari and keeps cursing her saying that Sanju only belongs to her, Pari responds a little to save her life however she is helpless.

Pari opens her eyes and starts breathing heavily while Neeti continues to choke her while Pari takes a sharp breath however she does not die.

Neeti then removes Pari's oxygen mask which makes Pari's condition even worse, Neeti imagines choking Pari with a blanket which makes Pari stop struggling for her life as her heart finally stops.

She then imagines the doctor coming to the room as Neeti hides, the doctor sees Pari's condition and decides to pump her heart by giving her electric shocks.

The nurse calls Pari's family to the ward where the doctor tells them that Pari is no more as her heart has stopped.

Rajeev yells no and hugs Pari who lies dead and says that she can't die as he loves her more than anything in the world.

Neeti comes back to reality and keeps strangling Pari when Jyoti enters and asks Neeti what is she doing, Neeti immediately starts showing concern for Pari while Jyoti tells her that Pari will be fine.

Rajeev enters the room and asks Neeti what is she doing over here, Jyoti says that Pari and Neeti are childhood friends and that is why she came in here to check on her.

Later, Rajeev sits alone with Pari and tells her that he fantasizes about them living together as husband and wife, he then says that it looks like Pari is upset with him.

Rajeev says that Pari is the best woman alive as she is very calm and patient, he says that he misses her voice.

Rajeev leaves the room saying that now Pari will have to call his name to bring him back to the room.

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