Parineeti 4th July 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th July 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th July 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 4th July 2023 episode starts with Rakesh and the rest of the family sitting while telling the priest that the bride's family is having the pooja at another temple.

Meanwhile, the Bajwa family is also at the temple on the other side.

The first priest talks about how it would have been better if the bride would have been there too since the couple is supposed to hold hands.

On the other hand, the second priest mistakes Pari and Rajeev as a couple and tells them to join hands stating that they will be forever together now.

The family scolds the Pandit while Rajeev tells him that it happens and leaves to take a business call.

At the same time, Jay comes to Rakesh and informs him that Rajeev sat with Pari in the pooja and that they are there only.

Jay goes to Rajeev and rebukes him for sitting with Pari while Rajeev states that it was an accident.

Rakesh starts rebuking them while reminding him that he married Pari in the past.

Rajeev tells him that he married Pari because he didn't want her to end up with a low life like Rakesh.

Rakesh smirks as he says that but Pari is bearing his child now and leaves telling Rajeev that he is going to burn away Pari's happiness now.

On the other hand, Rajeev's parents are arguing among themselves while Bebe comes there and greets them.

The priest sees them and tells Bebe that the MLA's family is not good for Pari once the MLA and his wife are out of earshot.

Further, Rakesh takes Jay aside and asks him if he has gotten a room booked in the hospital.

Jay asks him what he is talking about while Rakesh reminds him that he told him to book a room so that they can get Pari's abortion done.

Rajeev is standing near the fence and seeing Rakesh and Jay arguing decides to spy on them.

Rakesh tells Jay that what they couldn't do before marriage, they will do after marriage but before Grahpravesh.

He shouts at Jay that the Grahpravesh will not happen until the abortion.

However, Jay sees Rajeev and tells Rakesh about it who starts acting as if he is talking about aborting one of his political party's plans.

Bebe spots them just then and tells all three of them to come inside as both families are going to do the pooja together.

The families meet each other and are surprised when Bebe informs them that she suggested they do the rest of the pooja together only.

Pari tells the priest to distribute the unused milk to the poor kids which makes everyone praise her.

However, Rakesh starts getting angry at the priest for making Rajeev and Pari do the initial pooja together.

Neeti tells him to calm down as one pooja doesn't make any change while Rakesh tells her that it matters to him.

He tells Neeti to worry about her husband and tells her that he will again bring home some other mistress after he takes Pari home after marriage.

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