Parineeti 4th July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev calling each lawyer and requesting them to fight Neeti’s case.

Unfortunately, no one is ready to fight Neeti's case after hearing that Parvati Singhania has filed a case against Neeti which turns off Rajeev’s mood.

Parvati gets every update, and she becomes happy to see that Rajeev is struggling to find a lawyer to fight Neeti's case while Ambika tells Parvati that she has hired Mr. Mehra who is the renowned criminal lawyer to fight their case.

Ambika tells Pari that she has a strong support base so that no one can go against her and that's why every lawyer is backing off from taking Neeti’s case.

Parvati becomes happy while Rajeev gets one lawyer to fight Neeti's case after so much struggle but is unaware that Ambika has filed a case against Neeti.

Later, he learns about it regrets his decision, and says that he has made a wrong choice while Neeti becomes anxious inside jail and wonders if she will be able to come out of jail or not.

On the other hand, Sukhwinder cries a lot as she does not understand what should she do to bring Neeti out of jail and she says that is why God took her out of the coma.

Meanwhile, innocent Gurpreet tries to console her and says that she is also worried for Neeti and that they will find a solution to bring Neeti out of jail.

Bebe also tries to console Sukhwinder and says that Rajeev has hired a good lawyer to fight Neeti's case so they should have trust in him and wait for some time before taking any step.

Gurinder murmurs that Gurpreet is very innocent as she does not know that Neeti is the only one who tried to kill Pari and what will be her reaction when she gets to know about it.

She wonders if Gurpreet will still have a soft corner for Neeti even after knowing the truth or she will also start hating Neeti whereas Parvati doubts and asks Ambika if Neeti has any chances of coming out of the jail.

Then, Ambika tells her that as per the law and orders Neeti has some rights due to which she can come out which makes Pari anxious and she says that Neeti should stay for a longer period inside jail.

Later, Gurpreet comes to see Pari after which she tells Ambika that she only asked her to come and meet whenever she feels bad and Parvati becomes emotional after seeing Gurpreet over there.

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