Parineeti 4th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder manipulating Pari and asking her to promise that she will not tell about Neeti's truth to anyone otherwise she will harm Rajeev.

Then, Pari hugs her and does the things that Gurinder asks her to do after that she secretly goes to Neeti's room and takes Neeti's blood sample, and goes to the hospital to confirm if she is pregnant or not.

Neeti wakes up and Bebe comes there after which she asks Neeti why didn't she kill Pari as it was the right moment to remove her from Rajeev's life.

After that, Neeti tells her that she has planned everything and says that after seeing the reports Pari will get shocked while Pari asks the nurse to check if Neeti is pregnant or not.

The nurse asks her to wait for some time but she insists her do it early so she assures her that she will give the reports soon so Pari returns to home and notices Rajeev over there.

Rajeev becomes happy to see her and hugs her saying that finally after seeing her fine after three days he is happy and says that he will not let anyone remove her from his life.

Later, Pari checks the report given by the nurse and she gets to know that Neeti is pregnant after which Gurinder asks her to not harm the child developing Neeti's womb after which she assures her that she is not that bad like Neeti.

Gurinder hugs and smirks while Pari tells her that she cannot lie to Rajeev as if he gets to know about it after some time then he will get angry then again Gurinder manipulates her and asks her to not tell the truth otherwise Neeti will again try to harm them.

Pari asks her to call the family members and tell the truth while Gurinder says that she cannot take risks for her family so she asks her to wait till she reaches Vaishno Devi and she joins her hand in front of Pari which melts her heart.

She hugs Gurinder and gets convinced again while Pammi thinks that someone is trying to harm Pari that's why she was badly injured and she decides to keep this thing to herself unless she gets solid proof.

Pari thanks god for sending Gurinder into her life and she feels relaxed after telling Neeti's truth to her and she thinks that Gurinder is supporting her while Rajeev comes from behind and terrifies her after which she hugs him.

Rajeev asks her to come along with him on a date while Gurinder meets Neeti and tells her after reaching Vaishno Devi they will send Pari to god's place whereas Rajeev organizes night dinner for Pari.

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