Parineeti 4th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 4th March 2023 episode starts with Neeti accusing Sukwhinder of betraying her just like the rest of the Bajwa family in a crying voice.

At the same time, Bebe advises Neeti to stop crying as it is time to take revenge on Pari for stealing her husband by being close to her.

Bebe even says that only those people can win the game who play the game with a cool mind.

As Neeti dries her tears, Bebe orders her to spend the night at any cost, and from the next day, Neeti needs to slowly take revenge on Pari with a smile.

While Bebe tells Neeti that she will win Rajeev back if she follows her guidance, Simmy, Chandrika and Pari enter the room.

Pari urges Neeti to drink the juice whereas Simmy announces that she has come here for a ritual named “Duar Rukai”.

As Rajeev arrives in the room, Simmy orders him to pay her money otherwise she will not let Rajeev spend the night with Neeti.

Rajeev unknowingly comments that it is his second marriage which gets noticed by Neeti so she gazes at him sharply.

Meanwhile, Pari orders Rajeev to do this ritual too in an authoritative voice causing Neeti to gale at her angrily.

As Pari takes the wallet from Rajeev to give the money to Simmy, Rajeev does not stop her and behaves as if Pari is his wife.

Rajeev even says that he is giving Simmy money only because of Pari while Neeti just burns silently in jealousy.

Taking the money from Rajeev, Simmy, and Chandrika walk away while Pari stays back to spend some time with Neeti.

Neeti however orders Pari to close the door on her way out in a rude tone.

After Pari walks away, Neeti questions Rajeev why he listens to Pari and if he likes Pari more than her causing Rajeev to get shocked.

Rajeev informs Neeti that he just only listens to Pari because she is Neeti's best friend and Neeti makes up an excuse that she is having a headache.

Meanwhile, outside Neeti's room, Sukwhinder orders Pari to leave the Bajwa house just like she promised to which Pari replies that Neeti will not let her go.

Pari even says that she wants to leave after making sure Neeti does not try to stop her but Sukwhinder announces that this time Neeti will not stop her.

Suwkhinder also mentions that she wishes no one gets a sister like Pari when Pari proudly states that she and Neeti are sisters.

On the other hand, Rajeev starts massaging Neeti's head to help her relax but it only makes Neeti angry as she likes the feeling even after knowing Rajeev is just pretending to love her.

Rajeev even offers to help Neeti to untie her jewelry and as he proceeded to untie the necklace, her heart breaks even more.

When Rajeev plants a soft kiss on Neeti's forehead, as she just looks at him with a hurtful look and makes up an excuse that she needs to sleep.

Meanwhile, Bebe enters Pari's room to order her to stay in the Bajwa house as per her instructions only but Pari does not respond.

At the same time, clouds rumble in the sky which wakes Neeti up and she runs in the hallway to escape the intense pain in her chest while Bebe follows her.

Bebe finds Neeti crying on the balcony so she makes Neeti promise her that she will make Pari cry and suffer just like her.

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