Parineeti 4th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 4th March 2024 episode starts with Pari arguing with Pammi to defend Neeti in front of her.

Pammi asks Pari to see Neeti's real side instead of defending her every time after which Pari yells at her for always demeaning Neeti.

After that, Chandrika takes a stand for Pammi and asks Pari to not behave ill-mannered with Pammi but Pari still thinks for Neeti.

Gurinder asks Pammi to discuss this matter at home instead of making a drama of their family in front of guests but Pammi does not stop and keeps on lashing out at Pari.

Then, Pammi yells at Pari and says that she is responsible for everything as she always speaks the truth and also brings Neeti to their house so she is responsible for everything.

Pari is shocked while Neeti smirks and murmurs that she is successful in her mission after which Rajeev asks Pari to not argue with Pammi as she is experienced in life more than her.

Pammi says that Neeti has mixed poison in chanramita but Pari is not ready to accept this thing and keeps on defending Neeti by saying that Neeti is her life Saviour.

Just then, Neeti starts her drama and asks Pari to not fight for her and she decides to leave the house after which Pammi and Rajeev also insist she go away from their house.

Pari asks Rajeev to not let Neeti go away from their house but Rajeev asks Neeti to not listen to Pari and leave the house which breaks Neeti's heart.

Meanwhile, Pari fights with Rajeev for Neeti and asks him to not judge Neeti based on her past after which Bebe looks at Neeti's face and murmurs why Neeti is not asking about what happened in the past.

Bebe thinks that Neeti hasn't lost her memory and she is doing an act after which Neeti asks Pari to not ruin her family just for her but Pari does not allow her to go.

Pari to prove Neeti's innocence in front of everyone drinks the chanramita prepared by Neeti which makes everyone anxious while Pari's throat chokes sometimes.

After that, Pammi starts yelling but Pari corrects her that she drank a whole bowl of it in one sip that's why her throat got choked and she asks everyone to not doubt Neeti.

Later, Neeti murmurs that she changed the bowl at the last moment so that no one can doubt her otherwise she would have been sent to jail for the crime of killing Pari.

She says that even if Pari had died today then also she wouldn't get Rajeev again in her life as she would be in jail.

Neeti regrets doing friendship with Pari and curses her destiny whereas Pari fights for Neeti from Rajeev and Pammi.

Pari asks Rajeev to break the bad image that he has made for Neeti while Pammi asks Pari to not trust Neeti after which Pari says that she has known Neeti since childhood so she cannot be wrong.

Pammi again tries to explain to her but this time Pari strictly asks Pammi to not blame Neeti for anything because she does not want to hear anything against Neeti which hurts Pammi.

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