Parineeti 4th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 4th May 2023 episode starts with Gurinder asking Parminder why she has assembled everyone in the hall.

Parminder replies that she has been a leader in her village so she has always taken decisions for everyone’s goodwill just like she has taken decisions for the Bajwa family.

She admits that she is a human so she can easily make mistakes and Gurinder questions Parminder about what she means as Parminder’s decisions are always right.

Hearing this, Parminder explains that when Neeti’s baby died, Neeti was devastated so when Pari came forward to become a surrogate mother, she agreed for Neeti’s sake.

She goes on to say that at first, she thought it was impossible but she let Pari do this as she assumed Pari is very caring.

As everyone looks at Parminder with surprise written all over their faces, Parminder announces that she has decided that Pari needs to abort the baby since Pari has always attempted to kill the baby once.

Standing up in shock, Pari asks Parminder how she can ask her to abort this baby as it is Neeti’s baby to which Parminder replies that she was strict when Pari first came into this house yet Pari’s goodness melted her strict behavior.

Parminder announces that she should have stayed strict since Pari has taken her for granted otherwise Pari would not have tried to kill this baby.

She angrily admits that she has always considered Pari as her daughter yet Pari betrayed her when Pari falls at Parminder’s feet, begging her to reconsider this decision.

Pari cringingly tells Parminder that she would never harm Neeti’s baby as she was the one who wanted to become the surrogate mother in the first place but Parminder just turns away from Pari.

Bebe however twists Pari’s words by claiming that Pari only knows what she was going to gain by being Neeti’s surrogate mother.

Just then, Chandrika takes Pari’s side, saying Pari has not said anything about gaining but Bebe orders Amit to become a man since Chandrika is becoming bold under Pari’s influence.

Parminder also sides with Bebe as she orders Chandrika to stay quiet and Chandrika sits down, muttering that she does not understand why this family has a problem with truth-spoken daughter-in-laws.

Meanwhile, Pari goes to sit in front of Neeti, asking her if Neeti really believes she can harm Neeti's baby and Neeti stares at Pari with tears glistening in her eyes.

Neeti starts becoming softer as Pari reminds her of their childhood days and how she never wants to harm Neeti in any way.

Whereas Bebe thinks this Neeti is already unreliable and now Pari has put her hand on Neeti's chest which would definitely result in Neeti accepting the truth.

Bebe's nightmare comes true when Neeti suddenly stands up, yelling that she knows Pari cannot harm her which catches everyone by surprise.

Neeti then reveals that she was jealous of seeing Rajeev taking care of Pari as she thought Rajeev would drift apart from her so she said all these harsh words to Pari last night.

She accepts that her baby will have two mothers just like lord Krishna as Pari is Devki and she is Yashoda when Rajeev suddenly asks Neeti if she is the one who tried to abort Pari's baby.

Hearing the allegation, Pari defends Neeti, claiming Neeti will never harm her own baby but Neeti accepts that she did this out of jealousy with her eyes lowered.

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