Parineeti 4th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 4th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti deciding to change her look so that no one can recognize her, so she changes her get-up and wears a saree and covers up her face.

Neeti murmurs that this time she will not leave any chance to kill Pari and her child and she informs Rakesh about it whereas Rajeev meets his friend along with Monty and tells him about ongoing things that are going on in his life.

Rajeev's friend consoles him and gives him various ideas that he can use to keep Pari and his child safe from further complications.

Monty also consoles him while Rajeev with anger in his eyes tells Monty and his friend that he will not leave anyone now whosoever will come in his way and try to harm Pari.

Then, Monty asks him what is going on in his mind after which he tells Monty that soon he will get to know what is going on in his mind.

Rajeev’s friend gives him a gun and advises him to use it whenever required whereas Neeti goes to Pari’s room and murmurs that Pari’s oxygen level is dropping, and she becomes happy to see it.

She does something to a machine that measures Pari’s blood level and after that, she presses Pari’s face with a pillow.

Pari is unable to breathe after which Rajeev comes there and asks who is there which makes Neeti anxious, and she becomes worried.

She starts to shiver while Rajeev asks her to turn around and show her face after which Neeti becomes anxious, and she does not come in front of him.

Meanwhile, Rajeev shows a gun to her, but she runs from there while Rajeev notices that Pari is not able to breathe after which he holds Pari’s hands and rubs them.

He asks Pari to breathe after that he calls the doctor and asks the nurse to take care of her and prays to God so that nothing can happen to her.

Neeti laughs and says that everything is happening according to her plan and murmurs that she will never get to see her face again.

Rajveer notices that the doctor is running towards Pari’s room after which he calls Amit and informs about it to him and asks him to come on time over there.

Chandrika overhears their conversation and murmurs that something wrong is happening after which she also goes to see Pari.

Meanwhile, Rajeev tells the doctor that there is a lady who is trying to harm Pari, but the doctor does not believe him and says that they have tight security in their hospital along with cameras everywhere.

She says that Rajeev is having a misunderstanding after that he asks him to go out and not create chaos in the patient’s room, so Rajeev comes out of the room.

Chandrika and Rajveer ask Rajeev what is happening there after which he tells them about the things he noticed in Pari’s ward which makes them anxious while Rajeev asks for Pari’s report from the doctor later on.

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