Parineeti 4th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 4th November 2023 episode starts with Sanju going to the kitchen where Pari is.

She gets nervous about seeing him and asks him to leave immediately.

He asks why she feels afraid of someone watching the two of them together to which she replies that it might hurt Neeti.

Sanju says that their relationship is very pure and hiding it will only cause suspicion not solve them. 

Sanju then apologizes for Neeti’s mother's behavior to which she says that she is also her mother and that is why she did not mind her at all.

Pari then gives him a cup of milk to give it to Neeti.

Meanwhile, Rajveer goes to Parminder and says with tears in his eyes that in the last few days, he never realized that things would go back to normal but now he is a little relieved because he can see things going back on track.

He then compliments Parminder and says that he is very lucky to have her in his life because she is the glue that holds his family together.

Their conversation is overheard by Bebe who says to herself that till she is living in that house, she will not let happiness hover in the house.

She then says that she will never let Rajeev and Pari unite.

Back in Neeti’s room, Neeti replays her conversation with her mom as Rajeev enters and gets worried as he sees tears in Neeti’s eyes. He hugs her and says that he is there for her and she can cry her heart out to him.

He also thanks her for keeping her Sanju close to her which reminds Neeti of the betrayal and then she says that she has stayed for the time being but she is not sure if she did the right thing or not.

She tells him that she was never like this but Sanju changed her and then asks him to stay away from her because whenever he hugs her, she gets weak.

Rajeev keeps trying to convince her but Neeti is not ready to hear a word from him otherwise she will sleep on the couch.

Meanwhile, Pari is crying because of her stomach ache when Parminder comes and gives her some water. Parminder then says that fasting during pregnancy can lead to such things and that is why she should have taken some precautions.

Pari says that Rajeev has saved her on several occasions and that is why she owed him this.

Their conversation is heard by Neeti’s mother who enters the room after Parminder leaves and says that Pari is a manipulative person and has no right to keep this fast.

Pari begs her not to tell Neeti because she considers her like a mother to which Choti Maa says that she will keep her secret but in return, she will someday ask something big from her.

Later that night, Neeti is unable to sleep and looks at Sanju who is sleeping on the couch, remembering all the promises he made to her and all his efforts. She goes to him and puts a quilt over him as he holds her hand in his sleep.

Neeti thinks that her brain and her heart are in conflict with each other and she has no clue what to do next.

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