Parineeti 4th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 4th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 4th September 2023 episode starts with Neeti questioning Pari's character and also says that a friend like her is worse than an enemy.

Pari gets disheartened after hearing this and starts crying while Neeti smirks.

She asks her to stop showing her crocodile's tears and also says that she is now not interested in her and she decides to break her friendship with Pari.

Pari shatters and tries to stop her from doing it but she does not listen to her.

Neeti says that from now they will not be called Parineeti.

Pari tells Neeti emotionally that she is dear to her life and to not do this.

She treats her more than a sister and says that she can't live without her.

After saying this she gets unconscious, and Neeti gets worried until Parminder arrives.

They take her to the hospital and ask the doctor to check her.

Pari gets admitted to the ICU, and both Parminder and Neeti pray to god to save her life as she gets worried for the baby in Pari's womb.

On the other hand, Chandrika goes to Bebe and asks her what happened.

Bebe yells at her and asks her to respect her.

She tells her that she is her Grandmother in law so she should behave accordingly and threatens to send her back to Kolkata.

Meanwhile, the nurse comes running toward the ICU, and Bebe and Chandrika follow her.

There they see Pari lying in bed in critical condition and Neeti asks the doctor to save Pari and tells her that someone kidnapped her and locked her in an intoxicated room full of poisonous gas.

The doctor checks Pari and says she is in critical condition and her eyes are turning blue.

After that, Bebe takes Neeti outside and scolds her for saving Pari.

She says till now news of her death would have come if she didn't save her.

She asks her why she did it and Neeti tells her that Pari got to know about her so she confesses that she does not like her and wants to kill the baby and her.

She also says that she confessed that she only sent the goons to lock her in the room, she hates her because she is Rajeev's second wife and breaks her friendship with her.

Bebe is shocked to hear it and compares her with a fool which angers Neeti.

Realizing her mistake, Bebe consoles her and asks her to not lose hope.

Meanwhile, Nurse and Shambu run in a hurry because Monty gets to know about them.

They both hide and Monty comes there searching for them.

He asks them to come out otherwise he will call the police and even pulls out his phone.

However, just then Shambhu comes out from behind and beats his head with a stick.

Monty's forehead starts to bleed and he falls unconscious on the road.

Shambu and Nurse escape that place after that and hide the stick.

On the other hand, Rajeev comes from behind and tells Neeti that he heard everything.

Neeti gets shocked but later on, says that it's good that he knows everything.

Bebe gets anxious and tries to handle the situation but Neeti ignores everything worsens the situation.

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