Parineeti 5th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 5th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 5th January 2024 episode starts with Rajeev proceeding to exit Parineet's room but stopping midway after which he turns around.

Seeing Pari lying still on the bed, Rajeev comes closer to her and hugs her tightly so that Pari recovers quickly.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder stops Neeti from going inside the hospital as she fears that Neeti will get caught while trying to hurt Pari.

Bebe says that Neeti needs to act quickly or else the opportunity will slip out of her hands as everything is over once Pari regains her senses.

Sukhwinder replies that Bebe is not worried about Neeti one bit as she does not have any blood ties with her.

Neeti partially agrees with Sukhwinder, mentioning how Pari fought back when Neeti had previously choked her.

Sukhwinder asks Bebe to do something for Neeti as she calls herself Neeti's mother, adding that Bebe should be the one to go inside the room and kill Pari.

Neeti's words make Bebe nervous while Bebe smartly suggests she'll take over if Neeti fails to eliminate Pari once she goes inside.

Despite Sukhwinder's resistance, Neeti agrees to go inside again and attempt to kill Pari, asking Bebe how she can enter the room without spiking any suspicion.

Bebe spots a nurse talking on the phone and says that she has got an idea after which Neeti disguises herself in the nurse's outfit.

Neeti spots everyone standing outside Pari's room which makes her anxious but Bebe tells Neeti that she has a plan in her mind which will work for them.

Bebe does the acting of falling to the floor which leaves everyone shocked and concerned after which they come running to help Bebe get up.

Neeti enters Pari's room at that moment while Chandrika stands fascinated, seeing Bebe's acting which must be holding some reason behind it.

Bebe asks Rajeev to bring her oil which will fix her pain after which Chandrika makes a fed-up face, hearing Bebe order her to massage her legs.

Neeti glares at Pari with hatred on her face after which she decides to press Pari's face with a pillow which will not leave any trace of her being there.

As Neeti tries to choke Pari with the pillow, Pari's hand touches the tray beside her, making it fall to the floor with a crashing noise.

Rajeev hears the loud noise and comes inside the room while Neeti hides under the bed and prays that Rajeev does not spot her there.

Neeti gets saved as Jyoti asks Rajeev to go out of the room but Jyoti discovers Neeti instead and gets suspicious of her after which she decides to call Rajeev inside.

As Jyoti is about to go out, Neeti hits her with the tray on her head which leaves Jyoti unconscious and Rajeev feels something wrong.

Rajeev decides that he should check the CCTV footage to be sure, making Neeti nervous and she runs out of the room after hiding Jyoti behind a table in her unconscious state.

Gurinder and Parminder start arguing as Gurinder accuses Parminder of brainwashing Rajeev.

On the other hand, the nurse denies Rajeev from seeing the private footage.

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