Parineeti 5th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 5th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 5th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 5th June 2023 episode starts with Pari entering Neeti’s room with tears in her eyes.

Neeti gets shocked to find Pari standing at the door while Pari pleads with Neeti to help her in this situation.

Without saying anything, Neeti pulls Pari into a hug to console her, saying she can understand that Pari is remorseful.

Pari tries to tell Neeti that she has not committed any mistake but Neeti does not let Pari speak at all, instead, advises Pari to accept her fate.

As Neeti looks at Pari kindly, Pari asks her if she can sleep with Neeti today since she is scared and Neeti replies positively.

Meanwhile, Rajeev is listening to Pari and Neeti’s conversation and thinks now he does not know what will happen to Pari’s life now.

He walks away from there without letting anyone.

Inside the room, Neeti feels guilty to see Pari sleeping beside her and Pari suddenly wakes up from her sleep after having a nightmare about Rakesh harassing her in college.

Hearing Pari’s scream, Neeti also wakes up from her sleep, asking Pari if she is okay or not to which Pari replies that she does not want to get engaged with Rakesh.

Neeti tries to make Pari understand that Rakesh has changed a lot as he now loves Pari so Pari should give Rakesh a chance.

The next day, Chandrika is busy decorating the Bajwa house for Pari’s engagement which causes Neeti to realize that Pari is finally going to leave her life.

She justifies her actions in her mind by thinking that Pari has forced her to take these steps when Bebe suddenly arrives.

Bebe urges Neeti to be happy since Neeti’s life is going to be better from now on yet Neeti does not seem enthusiastic.

Meanwhile, Pari looks around the living room without any happiness on her face while Rakesh’s words about marrying her play in her head.

She stumbles on her feet due to dizziness when Neeti arrives out of nowhere to hold her.

Pari pleads with Neeti to stop the engagement since she does not want to do it.

Neeti makes Pari understand that till now only the Bajwa family and Ahlawat families know about Pari’s pregnancy but when Pari’s stomach will start showing, she would need to get married otherwise society will taunt Pari.

She states that society looks down upon single mothers and especially on the kids whose father is unknown so for the kid’s sake, Pari has to get married.

Pari just runs away from there and enters the kitchen where she lights up a candle and decides to burn her hand in an attempt to avoid the engagement.

However, Neeti finds Pari doing this madness so she yells at Pari for always causing trouble for everyone.

She then gives Pari a reality check about how everyone always has to stand up for Pari while she stands aside playing the victim card which causes Pari to gasp in shock.

Neeti even blames Pari for Vicky's jail sentence and how she is also facing trouble due to Pari while Pari just stands there in shock.

After Neeti leaves, Pari stands in the kitchen with her eyes lowered as she cannot believe that her best friend does not trust her any longer when Chandrika and Rajeev arrive there.

Rajeev takes Pari with him so he can do nursing of her wound and Pari just tightly hugs Rajeev with tears in her eyes.

She tries to draw warmth from Rajeev's presence as Rajeev pleads with Pari to let him know if she does not want to get engaged.

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