Parineeti 5th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 5th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev asking the security guard to show the C.C.T.V shortage of Pari’s room but he refuses to show it to him.

Then, Rajeev wonders who the lady is trying to harm Pari after that Monty suggests he check Pari’s room shortage secretly so he checks.

He finds Bebe standing along with that stranger lady with her face hidden and Rakesh is also standing beside her after that Rajeev decides to ask Bebe.

Monty also comes along with him and Rajeev directly asks Bebe what issue she has with Pari and why she sent a lady to kill Pari.

Bebe becomes anxious and she asks Rajeev to be within his limit instead of arguing with her while Pammi asks Rajeev what is he trying to say.

Rajeev tells Pammi that it is the truth that Bebe is trying to harm Pari and he asks Bebe why is she doing all these things whereas Harman meets the doctor and asks about Pari’s report.

Then, Rajveer also comes there along with Harman when Pari gains consciousness after which she asks the nurse to call Rajeev so the nurse informs Rajveer about Pari’s update.

On the other hand, Bebe creates chaos and emotional drama that how can Rajeev doubt her and she blames Pammi for it while Pammi asks her to not argue instead of accepting the truth.

Bebe lies to them and asks them to see the video twice and notices that she is fighting with that lady as she is about to enter Pari’s room but Bebe is not allowing her to go.

Just then, Chandrika comes and tells them Pari is well now after which everyone goes to see Pari while the doctor asks if she is feeling well or not.

The doctor goes and brings the report after which Pari asks her about the report then the doctor tells them that Pari’s child is no more in this world which completely shakes Pari’s world.

Pari does not accept the truth and she asks for confirmation after which the doctor tells her that Pari’s child died before admitting her to the hospital.

Rajeev is not able to process it and he recalls that he dreamt a lot of things for his upcoming child Neeti feels good and smirks and thanks god whereas Pari goes to meet Rajeev.

She tries to console Rajeev and says that nothing wrong will happen to their child but Rajeev does not respond and he cries after which Pari takes the blame on herself and asks for an apology from Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Pammi complains to god and asks him to give patience to Pari and Rajeev so that they can bear this pain while Rajeev tries to console Pari.

Neeti tells Bebe that she is guilt-free now as she has removed the source that was connecting Rajeev and Pari while Bebe also praises her and says that she knows about Neeti’s next move.

Coincidentally, Gurinder wakes up from the comma and asks the nurse what is she doing there then she suddenly recalls that Neeti harmed her because she learned the truth that she came there to harm Pari.

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