Parineeti 5th October 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 5th October 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 5th October 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 5th October 2022 episode starts with Pari calling her mom to talk as she is missing her very much.

During the call, Gurpreet notices Pari’s trembling voice and asks if everything is okay between her and Rajeev but Pari lies about it.

When Gurpreet questions Pari about Neeti’s health, Pari starts thinking that Neeti is the reason for making her life so hard suddenly and Pari cuts the call.

Later while Pari is giving Parminder a saree to give Neeti during her “Grihaprabh” (welcoming), Gurinder arrives there and snatches the saree away.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Neeti requests Sanju to call Pari because she wants to start her new life with Pari by her side.

Further, Neeti mentions that she is sure Rajeev has hurt Pari badly this time.

Hearing this, all color drains from Rajeev’s face but he quickly covers it by urging Neeti to focus on herself this time.

At the same time, the doctor approaches Neeti and announces that she can get discharged today if she wants as she is perfectly fine now.

This makes Neeti happy and Pari arrives in the room at the exact moment.

Afterward, when Neeti exclaims she does not have a sindur, Pari shares her sindur with her.

Seeing Rajeev putting the sindur on Neeti’s forehead, Pari’s heart breaks into million pieces while she recalls the moment when she shared her sindur with Neeti during Neeti’s wedding.

When Neet joyfully urges Pari to go with her to Sanju’s home, Pari excuses herself by lying that she needs to buy some stuff for Neeti’s welcome.

As soon as Neeti along with Rajeev and Sanju leave, Pari breaks down in tears and she remembers her and Rajeev’s wedding moments.

Later, in Bajwa’s house, Gurinder welcomes Neeti and Rajeev with a big smile but Parminder stands there like a puppet.

However, when Gurinder goes to do Neeti’s aarti, Neeti requests her if Pari can do this instead of her as Pari is the reason for her happiness.

Hearing this, everyone looks shocked but Gurinder smirks and tells Neeti that she will bring Pari for it.

Meanwhile, in the room, while packing her clothes, Pari notices a photograph of her and Rajeev and gets a flashback of her happy memories with Rajeev.

While Pari is crying, Gurinder approaches them and orders her to welcome Neeti because Neeti wants it.

Gurinder even reminds Pari that if Pari leaves the Bajwa house now then the doors of this house will be closed for her forever.

On the other hand, while Monty and Rajeev are celebrating Neeti’s arrival, Parminder screams at them but Gurinder orders her to stay silent.

Hearing this, angry Parminder decides to walk away but stops abruptly when she notices Pari.

Afterward, Pari starts aarti with a heavy heart while everyone stares at this ritual with wide eyes.

Neeti then enters the home by dipping her feet in Aalta (red liquid) happily with Rajeev by her side.

Looking at Rajeev and Neeti’s joint hand, Pari gets upset and tries to run away but her dupatta gets stuck in Neeti’s saree and she also enters the house by dipping her feet in Aalta much to everyone’s shock.

Seeing this, Gurinder calls Pari bad luck but Parminder firmly announces that Pari is her daughter and Lakshmi of this house.

Later, Gurinder starts preparing for the milk ritual while Parminder looks at her with disgusted eyes.

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