Parineeti 5th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 5th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 5th October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 5th October 2023 episode starts with Pari crying as she eyes the knife in the kitchen and has a breakdown recalling her mother's attack. 

She backs into a corner and falls to the ground crying and consoling herself while she collected herself goes to turn off the gas when she burns. 

Meanwhile, Chandrika goes to ask Bebe about food and asks her where she was at the hospital the previois day. 

Bebe asks her why she wants to know but Chandrika leaves without speaking making Bebe doubtful. 

She thinks to herself that it will be very easy to kill Gurpreet when she is alone and starts walking towards her room. 

On the other hand, Pari bumps into Rajeev and continues mumbling that she has to check up on Gurpreet as she is in danger. 

He touches their foreheads together calming her and tells her that he'll take her to meet Gurpreet. 

Meanwhile, Bebe reaches the hospital but the nurse stops her. 

Bebe lies to her that she has special permission from the doctor and threatens to get her fired from the job. 

The nurse apologizes and lets her go inside while Bebe looks at a comatose Gurpreey and smirks up at her. 

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Pari at in the doctor's office who reveals to them that she doubts someone attacked Gurpreet. 

She states how it is not possible for the pateint to remove their own oxygen mask while Pari recalls seeing Bebe with Gurpreey and doubts her. 

Bebe continues mocking Gurpreet in the hospital room and goes to remove her oxygen mask while Rajeev and Pari are on their way to the hospital room. 

Meanwhile, Neeti gets a call from Shilpa who threatens to expose to expose her if she doesn't give the money for her and Shambhu's marriage. 

Neeti simply refuses and disconnects the call while Shambhu calls hee again and threatens to call Rajeev instead of Pari. 

Neeti helplessly agrees to come to their decided place and disconnects the call. 

Back at the hospital, they see Gurpreey alone in the room and get worried for her safety while Bebe looks at them from behind the curtain. 

Rajeev goes to tall to thw doctor about hiring a 24/7 nurse while Pari talks to Gurpreet telling her that she will find the person who tried to attack her. 

As Pari hugs her mother, she notices a ring beside the pillow and looks out the door wondering who it might be as Bebe hides.

While Pari is distracted, Bebe escapes as the nurse enters and tells them to leave. 

Rajeev and Pari are on their way back home while she reveals how she never expected that he would be the one helping her in her critical times. 

He tells her that she thinks anything while she smiles looking at him. 

He catches her looking at him and asks him if she needs anything while she makes an excuse of water bottle. 

Rajeev just smiles at her telling her that they will get another water bottle for her. 

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