Parineeti 5th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 5th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 5th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 5th September 2023 episode starts with Rajeev asking Neeti what is she hiding from him.

Neeti has a mental breakdown 

Neeti recalls old moments of Pari and Rajeev's closeness after hearing this and tells him to ask directly from Pari once she becomes conscious and goes from there.

Rajeev asks Bebe what happened to Pari, she tells him that she is just unconscious and will get fine in a few hours.

In the meantime, Neeti recalls Pari saying that they are two bodies one soul which causes conflict in Neeti's mind as she is unsure how she can hate her own best friend.

She breaks down, sits on the floor, and starts crying while Bebe comes from behind and starts exploiting Neeti by provoking her against Pari.

Neeti gets angry and goes inside the hospital, there she collides with Chandrika who wonders why Neeti is in so a hurry.

She asks what happened to Neeti and Neeti says that now she will bring Pari's real side.

When Neeti reaches the ICU, she says that she has done so much for Pari but now she will think for herself and will have a relation of enemy with that much loyalty only as she had as a friend.

On the other hand, Bebe worries that Neeti will fail her plan by expressing her anger excessively and prays to god for things to go according to her will.

Meanwhile, Neeti walks out of the ICU and collides with Rajeev, who asks her what happened and what is she hiding.

Rajeev's love for Neeti awakens suddenly 

Neeti replies to Rajeev that instead of her, he and Pari are hiding something from her and she runs away from there in tears.

Just then, Gurinder comes and gets happy to see Rajeev well and asks how is he feeling when Rajeev questions about Neeti.

She tells him that Neeti is very worried for Rajeev so Rajeev should look after her and Rajeev again starts looking for Neeti.

He pleads with Neeti to tell him what is bothering her but Neeti only replies that she does not want to say this since Rajeev has started loving someone else.

She further yells at him that he has changed a lot and tells him that when he is unconscious she took his name many times but he didn't respond yet he responded when Pari took his name.

She says after marriage, a huge gap has come between them but Rajeev says that she is thinking wrong and tells her that he only loves her in this whole world.

Rajeev then gets unconscious so Neeti calls the doctors and they take him to the ICU where he gains consciousness after some time.

He even holds Neeti's hand and the Doctor asks him to leave her hand as he has to check his pulse yet Rajeev denies it again so the doctor checks another hand.

Neeti asks him to leave her hand and says now it does not matter so it will be better if he does not react like this.

Meanwhile, Parminder takes care of Pari and the nurse announces that Neeti did the right thing by saying that Pari was intoxicated with harmful gas.

She confirms that Pari is fine and will gain consciousness in a few hours when Bebe comes there and says that Parminder should not think that everything is sorted as now a big problem is going to come.

Parminder wonders and asks what is going to happen but Bebe tells her to wait and watch while she also tells her a saying that a crow watches a cat coming to him and he closes his eyes till the cat eats him.

She tells her that the same is happening with Parminder also as the truth is in front of her but she is not able to see it and she is acting like a fool.

On the other hand, Neeti goes from Rajeev's room and breaks down while Chandrika comes and consoles her and she asks why is she crying, Neeti says that she wants to keep Pari in the house so now she will get to know what happened.

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