Parineeti 6th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 6th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the Inspector coming to Bajwa's house after which Pammi asks him why had he come there.

After that, he tells them that he came there to arrest Pari for creating chaos at  Madhu’s house.

Pammi asks him not to arrest Pari as she is innocent after which he asks her to call Pari so Monty goes to call her but she isn’t at home.

Then, the inspector goes from there to search her while the Bajwa family gets anxious and wonders where has Pari gone when she comes to Balli’s house to keep the evidence safe.

Just then, Pammi calls Pari and tells her that Madhu has filed an F.I.R. against her forgoing to her home and fighting with her.

Pari tells her everything while Pammi says that she believes in her and asks her to come home safely from the back door so that the police cannot catch her.

After that, Pari tells her that she has solid evidence to prove Rajeev innocent in the court, after which Pammi asks her to take every step carefully and cuts the call.

Balli comes there after which Pari asks him to take care of the evidence while Pammi tells other family members that Pari has collected evidence against Madhu.

She praises Pari in front of everyone which makes Neeti envious of Pari while Bebe looks at Neeti and smirks.

Bebe murmurs that Pammi is clever as she knows how to make Neeti feel bad by praising Pari every time whereas Pari handovers the evidence to Balli and returns to home.

Later, the inspector again comes to Bajwa's house to arrest Pari while Balli says that he will drop Pari at her home but Pari tells him that she will go on her own.

Meanwhile, Pammi tells the inspector that Pari isn’t at home after which they go directly to Balli’s house to arrest Pari and Balli.

Pari is about to go from the window of the house when while Inspector comes there and knocks at the door but Balli does not open the door and asks Pari to hide somewhere.

Then, Pari goes to hide while Balli goes to open the door because the Inspector terrifies him that he will break the door if he does not open it.

Balli asks Pari to not come out at any cost so Pari hides behind the door while Balli opens the door after which the Police ask him where is Pari.

Meanwhile, Balli lies to him that he was sleeping and he isn’t aware where is she but inspector says that he is lying to him after which Balli tries to manipulate inspector and says that he doesn’t know who is Pari.

After that, Inspector yells at him and asks him to tell the truth after which Balli says that she will be at home while the inspector warns him and asks him to tell directly about Pari otherwise he will do an investigation of his house.  

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