Parineeti 6th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 6th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 6th January 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 6th January 2023 episode starts with Monty telling everyone that Pari is being abducted by Mr. Ahlawat’s goons which shocks everyone.

Hearing this, Gurinder asks about Neeti and Rajeev’s whereabouts to which Monty replies that Rajeev and Neeti are searching for Pari.

While Monty narrates how they found Rajeev after Pari’s call, Biji breaks down in tears and everyone starts consoling her.

Gurinder runs towards her room thinking she will call Rajeev to order him to come home as she does not want Rajeev to get into trouble.

Meanwhile, Pari feels helpless as she realizes she is going to die very soon as no one can come to her aid now.

At the same time, she gets a call from Seema, the call center girl who informs Pari that she could not talk first as the system can record everything.

Pari urges Seema to inform Neeti about her being in a small box near the Delhi-Chandigarh highway jungle and Seema agrees to help.

Seema even asks Pari about her location but Pari reveals that she does not know her location.

Before cutting the call, Pari tells Seema that her phone contains only five percent battery and Seema cuts the call.

Afterward, Pari starts feeling suffocated but keeps herself motivated thinking Neeti will call her soon.

In the meantime, Seema arrives at the Bajwa house and tells everyone that she knows Pari’s location which surprises everyone.

When Biji eagerly asks Seema to reveal Pari’s location, Seema demands five lahks in exchange for Pari’s location for her wedding preparation.

Babli accuses her of earning money by using someone’s misery, but Biji orders Babli to stay away.

Biji then offers Seema the exact amount but urges Seema to reveal the location.

On the other hand, during the drive, Rajeev urges Neeti to stop crying as it is harmful to the baby and they stop in the middle of the road so Neeti can wash her face.

Once Neeti is done washing her face, she gets a call from Monty who urges them to calm back home as someone has information about Pari.

Meanwhile, in the Ahlawat mansion, Mr. Ahlawat and Leo are busy celebrating Pari’s death, and Mr. Ahlawat announces that Pari was a big drawback for his election journey.

Just then, Mr. Ahalwat finds Rakesh walking in the hall in despair with Pari’s photo, and Mr. Ahlawat informs him that Pari is dead.

When Rakesh looks shocked, Mr. Ahlawat tells him that Leo has killed Pari and once he will win the election, Rakesh will get thousands of girls like Pari.

However, Rakesh announces that he will inform the commissioner about it but Mr. Ahlawat grabs his collar to threaten him that if he does this he will be dead.

This angers Rakesh but before he can go, Leo pounces on him and takes him away.

Meanwhile, in Bajwa's house, Rajeev orders Seema to reveal the information about Pari who arrogantly announces that she will reveal the information only when she will get some money.

This irritates Neeti and she transforms 1 lakh to Seema's account and Seema only reveals that Pari is trapped inside a small box.

Hearing this, everyone glares at Seema but Rajeev gives her the cheque for the remaining money and in return, Seema gives him the number.

When Rajeev calls Pari, she cringingly begs him to save her but she does not know the location.

While Pari is sobbing, Rajeev hears some faint music coming, and the call gets cut.

Afterward, Neeti suggests Rajeev go to Ahlawat's mansion with her to get Pari's location, and Rajeev nods.

On one hand, Pari thinks of kicking the door to break it; on the other hand, Neeti tells Rajeev that she needs to talk to Pari to keep her motivated.

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