Parineeti 6th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 6th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 6th January 2024 episode starts with Neeti telling Rajeev that he forgot all the promises that he made to her on their wedding day to which Rajeev says that he did not do anything wrong as Neeti herself is responsible for her actions.

Neeti asks how can Rajeev forget everything between them to which Rajeev says that he will only remember how Pari stood with him in his tough time and that is why Neeti should understand that he has moved on and is now going to marry Pari.

Meanwhile, Sukhwinder threatens Bebe that if Neeti gets caught, then she will expose her as well to which Bebe replies that no one is going to believe her as Neeti is not a bottle-sucking child.

Bebe then asks Sukhwinder to calm down as when Neeti comes, Bebe will kill Pari.

Later, Sukhwinder asks Neeti if Jyoti (the nurse, Pari's friend) saw her while Neeti replies that Jyoti knows the truth and that is why she attacked her.

Bebe says that she knows Neeti is good for nothing to which Sukhwinder says that Bebe should do the job if she is that desperate.

Neeti says that they should hire a contract killer to end Pari's life and then asks Bebe to call someone to which Bebe replies that she didn't raise goons.

Bebe takes Neeti to a nurse where she talks to one of the nurses and asks what will happen to Pari to which the nurse replies that she will take Pari for some tests then only they will find out.

Neeti takes out a lot of cash and asks the nurse to let Bebe go along with the nurse for Pari's tests.

The nurses refute to take up the money which makes Bebe tell the nurses about Neeti's sob story and lied that Pari tried to kill Neeti.

The nurses agree to Bebe and let her come along with them after which Bebe tells them her plan to kill Pari.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Rajeev that they are trying to save Pari however she needs some tests to get a clear picture.

The doctor leaves while Rajeev sits with Pari and tells her that she needs to show the doctors how strong she is so that they can get married tomorrow.

The nurse comes with Bebe who is disguised as a nurse too, they ask Rajeev to go out as they have to take Pari for the tests.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes out and tells Pammi and Babli that the doctors are not hopeful for Pari to which Pammi replies while crying that they need to have faith.

Rajeev's mom tells Rajeev to hold himself together and eat something to which Rajeev replies that he will not eat anything until Pari gets conscious.

She says that if something to Pari then what is he going to do, Rajeev yells at her and asks her to stop talking.

Elsewhere, the nurse and Bebe lose the bolts of Pari's stretcher so that she falls from it.

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