Parineeti 6th July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 6th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti returning home and Gurinder along with Bebe and Sukhwinder awaits for her welcome.

Neeti throws away the aarti thaal from Gurinder’s hand and hits her hand at mirror as she has to go and ask for an apology from Parvati.

Parvati curiously waits for Neeti after that Ambika asks her to call Rajeev and asks him to come soon as she is getting late for the office.

Then, Parvati calls him and asks when will he come along with Neeti and if he will again turn from his promise then Rajeev assures her that he will come for sure.

After that, Rajeev cuts the call and says that there is something wrong with Pari that’s why she is hiding her real identity so he decides to bring the truth.

Gurinder and Bebe discuss why Rajeev has agreed to Parvati’s demand and say that Neeti’s temperament is very bad while Amit asks Gurpreet what is happening in the house.

She tells him that Neeti has gone to Parvati’s place to ask for an apology from Parvati while Amit murmurs that Neeti will never do it.

Meanwhile, Neeti reaches Parvati’s house with rage in her eyes and asks her why is she trying to be so clever and manipulative while Parvati taunts her whereas Neeti says that she is about to get bail.

Parvati asks her if she was so sure then why didn’t she tell this thing to her family and she tells Neeti that Rajeev was begging her for her bail after that Neeti flexes in front of her and says that Rajeev did all these things because he loves her.

Neeti tries to make Parvati feel bad and she succeeds to some extent as Pari’s eyes become teary after that Ambika comes in between and asks Neeti to stay away from Parvati.

Ambika warns her but Neeti says that she will prove soon that she is Pari not Parvati after that she goes from there whereas Pari predicts that Rajeev will get angry when Neeti will tell him that she didn’t apologize to her.

Pari says that she wants to see if her prediction is right or wrong whereas Neeti and Rajeev argue over the matter Neeti asks Rajeev to stop deciding on her behalf while Rajeev says that she is creating problems for him.

He asks her to ask for an apology from Parvati for him but Neeti says that he is doing all of these things because he wants to be in Pari’s good books whereas Pari calls Rajeev and Neeti snatches the phone from him and starts yelling at Pari.

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