Parineeti 6th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 6th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari assuring Rajeev that she will never leave him and go away from him which makes Rajeev feel confident for Pari. 

Then, Rajeev hugs her while Gurinder comes there after which he hugs her and thanks her for giving him the best thing in life which confuses Gurinder.

Rajeev tells her that she allowed her to be with Pari is the best thing that he has ever wanted in her life while Gurinder smirks and does not say anything.

On the other hand, Rakesh and his man make a plan to bring back Pari from Rajeev whereas Pammi conducts pooja for Pari and Rajeev in the temple, and Pandit ji assures her that soon all of her difficulties are going to end.

Meanwhile, Gurinder praises Pari for not telling Neeti's truth to anyone otherwise she would have done something wrong then Pari says that she didn't want to take any risk with Rajeev so she didn't tell Neeti's truth.

Gurinder receives a call from Neeti so she goes to attend it and Rajeev comes with hot coffee for Gurinder and Pari after that he asks Pari where is Gurinder so she tells him that she has gone to attend a phone call.

Neeti awaits for her gun so Daljeet comes there along with the gun and handovers it to Neeti and teaches her how to use it and tells her that no one won't get any proof against her.

Just then, Rajeev notices Daljeet over there and he becomes curious to meet him and ask why he did wrong with Pammi so he goes to see her which makes Gurinder anxious.

Rajeev leaves his coffee and goes to see after which Pari and Gurinder also come behind him while Gurinder asks him to not waste his energy on him but Rajeev does not stop.

Then, Gurinder loudly yells Daljeet's name after which he turns around and notices Gurinder along with Rajeev and Pari so he gets an idea that he should go away from there otherwise Rajeev will catch him.

Neeti and Bebe also become anxious and Gurinder signals Neeti to run away from there along with Bebe so she goes but Daljeet stands there after which Rajeev meets him and asks him what was he doing there.

Daljeet lies to him that he is going to the temple whereas Neeti and Bebe go to have a snack and Bebe tells Neeti that she will take a bath in Ganga once Pari dies.

After that, Neeti and Bebe come back to the car and notice Rakesh over there and he takes the key of her car which makes her angry and she asks him to return the keys but he does not return and snatches the gun from her hands when she tries to terrify him.

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