Parineeti 6th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti going to Gurinder’s room to talk to her but Gurinder remembers everything and she locks the door.

Meanwhile, Neeti has been locked inside the room after which Neeti asks her to open the door but the Gurinder runs away from there.

Bebe hears Neeti’s voice after which she comes and opens the door while Neeti complains to Bebe that Gurinder has changed completely as she has started supporting Pari now.

Then, Bebe suggests she kill Gurinder whereas Pammi tells everyone that Gurinder has recovered now after which Pari says that she wants to meet Gurinder.

Pammi asks her to rest and Rajeev assures her that he will call Gurinder over there whereas Neeti notices that Gurinder is going out after which she runs behind her murmuring that Gurinder must have lost her memory.

Rajeev goes to Gurinder’s room and finds that she is missing from the ward after which he gets to know about her from the nurse that Gurinder has gone out and Neeti has also gone behind her.

Pari and Pammi insist on going back home after which Rajeev says that he will bring a nurse along with him to look after Pari whereas Gurinder asks for help from a stranger.

She dials Rajeev’s number but she does not recall the correct number after which she returns the phone to that man while Neeti again goes behind her but Gurinder runs away from there.

Bebe calls Neeti and informs her that everyone has to know that Gurinder has recovered and they think that Gurinder is returning home so she asks Neeti to kill Gurinder as early as possible.

Meanwhile, Pari calls Mahua and tells her that Gurinder has recovered and she is coming back home so she asks Mahua to cook a simple dinner for her after that Pari also goes home along with Rajeev and Pammi.

Neeti follows Gurinder’s car and asks her to stop but Gurinder asks the driver to not stop after which Neeti overtakes Gurinder’s car Gurinder runs away from there but Neeti comes on her way.

Suddenly, the weather also gets disturbed after which Pammi becomes anxious while Rajeev and Pari also wonder what is going to happen Neeti is about to throw a stone at Gurinder because she tells Neeti that Pari is her daughter-in-law.

Neeti becomes angry when Gurinder says that this time she will not leave her and tell her truth to the whole family after which Neeti again tries to harm her but Gurinder collides with Rajeev’s car.

On the other hand, Amit asks Monty to drive the car fast as he is eager to meet Gurinder after which Monty tells him that he is already driving at high speed while Amit tells him that he cannot wait to meet Gurinder.

Meanwhile, Rajeev comes out of the car and Gurinder hugs him after which Pammi asks her what is she doing on the road after which Neeti tells them to not focus on her as she has gone mad while Gurinder hugs Pari and says that she is feeling good after meeting her.

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