Parineeti 6th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 6th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 6th October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 6th October 2023 episode starts with Rajeev following Neeti and he notices Neeti going toward Shambhu while Neeti gets to know that Rajeev is observing her.

She advises Shambhu to go from there so he runs from there while Rajeev also follows him.

In the meantime, Pari also comes behind him shouting but Shambhu goes way and Neeti tries to pretend that she does not know Shambhu so she asks Rajeev about him.

After that, she tells him that she came to the market due to some work and asks what Rajeev is doing in the market with Pari.

He tells her that they came to meet Gurpreet but Pari was feeling thirsty so he came out of the car to bring water.

Meanwhile, Neeti asks them to go home and she also joins them while after reaching home they knock at the door.

Bebe goes to open the door and they come inside the home while Pari's balance gets disturbed.

This prompts Rajeev to rescue her but Neeti doesn't like that.

Rajeev looks at Neeti and murmurs that she has changed now as she is just doing an act of caring for Pari after which he takes Pari inside her room.

Meanwhile, Rajeev asks Pari to not trust anyone even Neeti and him for two days but she asks him why and he just tells her that he will clear everything after two days.

Pari says to her and he hugs her while Bebe tries to explain to Neeti that soon something bad is going to happen to her as she thinks that Rajeev has found some pieces of evidence against her and Pari doubts Bebe.

Neeti hyperventilates and requests Bebe not to manipulate her against Rajeev while Bebe says that now she will not help Neeti unless she comes on her own.

Meanwhile, Rajeev recalls the things that happened in the morning and feels the same about himself for doubting Neeti.

After some time Rajeev goes to his friend and asks for help from him as he is having doubts about Neeti.

His friend agrees to help him and they decide to plan what to do to catch Neeti red-handed.

His friend asks Rajeev to give his phone and asks him if Neeti is cheating on him like his girlfriend while Rajeev tells him that he is thinking wrong.

After that, he does the settings in his phone to clone Neeti’s phone while Rajeev gets tensed if Neeti will get to know about it or not.

Meanwhile, his friend assures Rajeev to be stress-free while Neeti is pouring water from the jug and she sees Pari coming towards her so she turns around.

Pari comes to her while she says that she is busy and asks Pari to speak fast whatever she wants to say.

She tells Neeti that somebody tried to kill Gurpreet in the hospital while Neeti recalls what Bebe was telling her regarding her plan.

After that, she goes from there while Pari says that she should have told everything clearly to Neeti and she decides to check Bebe’s room as she finds Gurpreet’s ring lying in Bebe’s room.

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