Parineeti 6th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 6th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 6th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 6th September 2023 episode starts with Parminder asking Bebe to open her eyes as she taunts her that she is not able to see the truth.

Suddenly, Pari becomes conscious and starts asking where Neeti is, Bebe says that she has gone home and Pari is surprised to know this.

Parminder asks Bebe how can she go back home when Pari is in the hospital while Pari gets up and rushes home.

The doctor tells Parminder and the other members to get the discharge papers ready as they are going to discharge them.

Meanwhile, Gurinder asks Bebe what has happened to Neeti as she might know because Neeti stays with her most of the time. 

Bebe tells that Neeti has got to know about Rajeev and Neeti's marriage.

She also says that Neeti has started observing Rajeev's closeness with Pari and how he takes care of Pari more than her. 

She tells Gurinder that now a big storm is going to come into their house and Gurinder says that this is the thing that Neeti was talking about.

She gets terrified while Pari along with Monty goes home to meet Neeti.

Meanwhile, Neeti roams on the road and shatters while recalling the moment when Rajeev came closer to Pari.

Just then Monty's car stops working and Pari sees that Neeti is lying on the road and calls out her name.

Neeti runs for home seeing her and Pari follows her while Monty finds it weird. 

Upon reaching home, Neeti locks herself in a room and says that she does not want to Pari's face.

On the other hand, Rajeev gets discharged from the hospital and comes home and Parminder argues why he sent back the nurse.

Pari comes into the hall and Rajeev asks her where is Neeti while Gurinder also asks her rudely about Neeti but she stands still and does not utter a single word.

Neeti comes from behind wearing a black outfit and says that she is here only.

She also says that she wants to talk about something urgent as now Rajeev is also fine.

Suddenly Rajeev becomes unconscious and Pari and Neeti both take him to the room where he asks for water from Neeti.

Parminder murmurs that something wrong is happening between Neeti and Pari then she prays to god to save their relationship.

Neeti asks Rajeev if he is fine or not and he says that he is fine but what has happened to her to which Pari says that she is going from there.

Neeti stops her and says that she needs to be here as she should also listen to what she is going to say.

Pari feels bad and goes from there and Neeti goes behind her but Rajeev holds her hand and asks why is she behaving so rudely.

He holds her hands and reminds her that she is his world and nobody else is more important than her and puts his hands on her cheeks then he hugs him.

Neeti still gets angry and asks him to leave her hand but he makes her sit and tells her that he has hidden something from her.

Neeti widens her eyes and he says that he is sorry for hiding his love for her and confesses to her that he loves her the most then Neeti asks him if he is speaking the truth or not.

He says that he loves her like anything and that she is an important part of his life.

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