Parineeti 7th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 7th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 7th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 7th April 2023 episode starts with Rajeev and his lawyer talking to the police inspector about the papers related to Gurpreet's release from jail.

Just then, Rajeev gets a call and he goes out to receive it while Pari notices that he forgot his wallet on the police table itself.

Pari goes out to give it to him but gets lost in admiring Rajeev as he is doing so much for her and Gurpreet.

When Rajveev's call gets cut, Pari thanks him sincerely and gets emotional, saying if he didn't come on time, Gurpreet would have to spend two more days in the lock-up. 

However, Rajeev reminds her that it is she who is the strongest pillar of the Bajwa House, and what he has done is nothing compared to what she always does.

He also tells her to stop crying while he hugs her to comfort her. 

Rain starts pouring outside as Rajeev and Pari find comfort in each other's arms while Neeti appears on the spot and gets shocked to see them in such a position.

Bebe also comes there and anticipates that Neeti has reunited with Pari but she thanks the heavens when she sees the opposite playing in front of her.

She grins as she sees Pari and Rajeev hugging as Neeti gets soaked in rain and feels pain throbbing in her heart.

Bebe pretends to be favoring Neeti and states that is why she didn't want her to leave the house, making Neeti feel guilty.

Neeti says she is sorry while Bebe offers two choices to Neeti about Pari leaving the house.

As per Bebe, either Pari will leave the Bajwa House herself or she will be forced to leave and Neeti chooses the second option. 

Meanwhile, as Gurpreet gets released from jail, the first thing she does is slap Rajeev, saying due to him, her daughter is living like a servant in the Bajwa House.

Pari tries to stop Gurpreet from getting angry at Rajeev but Rajeev takes all the scolding with a neutral face.

On the other hand, when Rajeev and Pari reach the Bajwa House, Gurinder can be seen badmouthing Gurpreet when Rajeev comes and lets her know that Pari's mother is not a thief.

Gurinder asks him what kind of magic Pari has done on him that he always appears to help her and she makes a scene in front of all the family members.

Meanwhile, a soaked Neeti also enters the house as Pari rushes to tell her how Rajeev left his work and came to help her and Gurpreet.

When Pari comes forward to hug Neeti, Neeti backs off, saying she doesn't want to make Pari ill since she is drenched as Pari is also carrying Rajeev's baby inside her womb.

Pari doesn't understand Neeti's double meaning while Bebe comes behind Neeti, telling everyone that she saw Neeti walking in the rain and went to give her an umbrella. 

Later, Neeti is blow drying her hair and gets frustrated as her mind replays the moment when Rajeev and Pari hugged each other.

Pari knocks on the door and enters Neeti's room while Neeti asks her if she has some work with her.

Pari gets hurt and asks Neeti if she can only come when she has a purpose to talk to Neeti, making Neeti say that she is worried about Pari's health.

Rajeev also comes there and Pari pays her thanks to him in front of Neeti, stating she is very lucky to get a husband like Sanju.

Neeti gets triggered as Pari goes on to say that if Rajeev wasn't there, Gurpreet would have to spend two more days inside the jail and she is already a heart patient.

Neeti then asks Pari if she is also not lucky to get a husband like Sanju.

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