Parineeti 7th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the Inspector asking Balli to give the keys to the box because he has doubts that Pari is hidden inside.

Balli gives him the keys after which the constable is about to open the box but suddenly people fight outside after which the constable goes out and checks what happening.

After that, he comes inside and asks Inspector to come out with him to stop the chaos after which they go out while Balli closes the door.

Then, Pari comes out of the box and she thanks Balli after which he tells her that he took the help of his friend to divert the police’s attention.

Pari again thanks him after which Balli says that he must help her after which he gives her the bag and they decide to go away from the window.

Meanwhile, the inspector realizes that Pari and Balli created a drama to divert his attention after which they again come inside to catch Pari and Balli while both of them go out from the window.

Inspector notices that the window has been opened after which he asks the constable to send Pari’s photo in the control room to keep track of her.

On the other hand, the Bajwa family waits for Pari while Pammi asks other members to sleep but Chandrika says that she will wait for Pari until she returns.

Just then, Pari calls Pammi and tells her that the police came to Balli’s house to arrest her but any how she managed to get away from there.

Pammi becomes anxious while Neeti becomes happy and wishes for Pari to be arrested whereas Pammi sends Monty to bring back Pari.

Chandrika tells Pammi that she is worried for the baby developing in Pari’s womb after which Neeti murmurs that she wants Pari to never return.

Bebe scolds Pammi and Chandrika for thinking negative things after which Pammi prays for the welfare of Pari and her kid.

Meanwhile, the police chase for Pari and find her whereas Pari wonders where Balli would have been hidden after which she notices the police’s car coming so she hides inside the stall.

After that, she suddenly starts having pain in her womb and tries to be strong and have a conversation with her baby that they have to be strong for Rajeev.

Just then, Monty calls her and asks where is she after which she sends her live location to Monty after which Amit checks the location and tells that Pari’s location is ten kilometers away from them.

Amit asks Monty to drive fast so that they can reach earlier than the Police whereas Madhu yells at Rushad and asks him to take her revenge on Pari because she slept her.

She asks him to find Pari at any cost and murmurs that Pari is very clever and if she reaches court along with the evidence than it will become problematic for her.

After that, she asks Rushad to call the inspector and ask for the update so Rushad asks about Pari from the inspector after which the inspector tells him that they are finding Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari prays to god and asks him to work in her favor after which she searches for Balli everywhere but cannot find him.    

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