Parineeti 7th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 7th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 7th January 2024 episode starts with Gurinder telling Pammi that she is responsible for brainwashing Rajeev and instigating him against his own mother.

Meanwhile, Bebe and the nurse take the stretcher with Pari on it after loosening its bolts, after carrying Pari for a bit, the screw comes off making Pari fall off from it hurting her head.

Rajeev rushes to Pari while the doctor scolds the nurse for carrying Pari on a stretcher, the doctor then tells Rajeev that they will have to operate on Pari immediately, Rajeev leans onto Pari and tells her that she will be alright.

The doctor asks Rajeev to sign the consent form while Pammi asks Rajeev how this happened as it looks like a deliberate move against Pari.

Rajeev agrees with her and says that he has a long feeling that someone has been going to Pari's room again and again.

After a while, Rajeev goes and signs the consent form and reminisces his good memories with Pari, he says to himself that he has been trying to stay strong however, the situation has defeated him.

He then brushes off his thoughts and says that he will have to stay strong and then get married to Pari.

Elsewhere, Bebe tells Neeti and Sukhwinder that Rajeev came in to save Pari at the last moment however she is sure that Pari will not be able to survive the fall.

Meanwhile, the doctor is operating on Pari and telling the nurses that he is going to inject Pari's head to start the blood flow in her head however it is going to be very critical.

The injection works fine on Pari which makes the doctor go out and inform Rajeev that Pari is responding properly to the surgery.

However, Pari immediately loses her oxygen level which makes the doctor rush inside the operating theatre.

Elsewhere, Sukhwinder is finally relieved as Pari will be dead Bebe tells them that now they can be relieved, Pammi and Rajveer see Sukhwinder and Neeti along with a nurse without knowing that it is Bebe dressed as a nurse.

Pammi tells Rajeev that she doubts that Neeti is involved in Pari's condition however Rajeev tells her not to be bothered by them.

Neeti, Sukhwinder, and Bebe feel relieved after Pammi and Rajeev leave, Bebe says that today's luck is in their favor and that is why they didn't get caught.

Neeti tells Sukhwinder to be happy now as her daughter is once again going to be married to Rajeev.

Rajeev and Pammi then go to the temple where Rajeev surrenders his intense devotion so that Pari could be alright.

He keeps praying and reminding God how Pari needs him more than anyone else and she does not deserve this.

Pammi tells Mata Rani that she is also a mother and that is why she should not let Pari suffer like this as her soul is very pure.

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