Parineeti 7th July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 7th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Ambika telling Pari that Neeti is mad and she can go to any extent to prove it.

Meanwhile, Rajeev receives a call from his manager and he discusses it whereas Gurpreet comes there and tells Rajeev that she wants to discuss something.

Gurpreet reminds him that tomorrow is Pari’s death anniversary so she wants to conduct a pooja for her after that Rajeev says that he remembers it and has talked about it with Pandit Ji.

Parvati tells Ambika that Neeti can do anything to take revenge from her whereas Rajeev assures Gurpreet that he will conduct pooja for Pari.

Ambika tells Parvati that Neeti won’t allow Rajeev to conduct the death anniversary for Pari while Neeti does the same after that Daljeet says that let them perform it so that they can get to know about Pari’s truth.

Neeti says that they have to find a solid proof to find Pari’s reality after that Neeti recalls that there is a black mole on Pari’s left hand so she will check for it whereas Pari tells Ambika that she wants Rajeev to invite her to death anniversary.

Ambika says that if Rajeev will not invite then what will she do so Pari tells her that she will fight with him for Neeti not asking for an apology from her and will cancel the deal with him for sure.

On the next day, preparation for Pari’s death anniversary takes place and Pandit Ji comes over there while Neeti says that Pari is still alive so they should not do this ritual Pammi also says the same thing.

Rajeev asks Neeti if she wants to join them for the pooja or not Neeti refuses and says that she will not do it Rajeev asks her to go from there so she goes.

Meanwhile, Gurinder notices Pari over there and she tells them about it to Neeti but she does not believe it and says that she went to Parvati’s house yesterday and gave an open challenge to her but there wasn’t any fear in her face.

Gurinder asks Neeti to do something otherwise she will tell the truth to everyone whereas Neeti says that nothing like this will happen Amit meets Parvati over there and she asks him if he will ask her to come inside or not.

After that, Pari goes inside and she becomes emotional seeing garland on her photo frame and her mother crying in a corner but she tries to control her emotions and Pammi says that she still thinks that Parvati is only Pari.

Pandit ji asks everyone to sit for the pooja while Parvati tells Rajeev that she has come there for deal cancelation as he wasn’t able to fulfill the promise and Neeti demeans her and she tells Rajeev to go and fulfill his family duties after that they can talk about the deal.


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