Parineeti 7th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 7th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari and Rajeev going to the temple and doing pooja over there while Neeti manages to escape from Rakesh.

She tries to manipulate Rakesh so that he can support her in dealing with Pari whereas Pari ties Mata ji chunari on her head and Rajeev's head.

After that, she gives aarti thali to Pandit ji to begin the pooja and she prays to god and wishes to help her bring Neeti's truth in front of her.

She murmurs that Neeti is doing wrong with her family and this time she won't allow Neeti to harm anyone in the family while Rajeev goes to attend a phone call.

Rajeev goes out of the temple after which Pari tries to find him everywhere but cannot find him anywhere, so she comes out of the temple and goes into the nearby area.

She goes inside the forest and gets lost in the way and cannot find Rajeev anywhere while Neeti calls Daljeet and informs him that Pari and Rajeev are not there in the temple.

Daljeet asks her to search them in the nearby area so she finds them but cannot find which makes her anxious and she again calls Daljeet and asks him to help her.

After that, Daljeet assures her that he will help her after which he asks her to cut the call and he also goes to the temple to find Pari while Neeti informs Bebe about it.

Bebe curses Pari while Gurinder calls Neeti, after which she tells her that Pari isn't there and Gurinder also comes there to find her.

Gurinder meets Neeti and scolds her for not keeping an eye on Pari after which Neeti gets angry and yells at her which makes Gurinder feel offended.

Neeti realizes her mistake after which she asks for an apology from her and Gurinder accepts her apology and asks Neeti to focus on Pari.

Meanwhile, Rakesh along with his men goes to see Pari and they catch Pari in the forest and ask her to come along with them but Pari gets terrified and she asks Rakesh to leave her and let her go and meet Rajeev.

Rakesh gets angry and says that he won't allow her to go to Rajeev again and that Rajeev does not deserve her and gets angry after seeing him.

He asks Pari to move on from Rajeev as there is nothing special in him after which Pari gets angry over him and asks him to let her go.

Rakesh does not listen to her and again asks her to come with him and says that he will take her to a different country away from Rajeev which makes her anxious and she starts shouting and asks for help which irritates Rakesh and he scolds her.

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