Parineeti 7th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 7th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 7th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 7th May 2023 episode starts with Neeti jokingly asking Bebe how can she repay her for what she has done.

Bebe however looks serious as she states that the whole family will have to repay her soon.

Neeti asks her what she means and Bebe comes out of her thoughts and tells Neeti that she means she will take Neeti's baby to the village to show off to the other villagers.

Bebe looks on as Neeti stands up and happily states that Rajeev still love her just as much he did since he supported her in front of all the family members.

Bebe thinks that Neeti is dumb and that Rajeev and Pari will not even want to look at Neeti's face once they learn the truth.

Neeti sits back down and tells Bebe that she will get Pari's abortion done the next day only since she does not want to delay it and states that Pari will be out of their lives.

She states that she feels happy seeing the helpless look on Pari's face since she was also left by everyone two days prior.

Just then, Rajeev calls out to Neeti, and Neeti, Bebe gets shocked to see him standing by the doorstep.

On the other hand, Pari worriedly asks Chandrika if Neeti found out about her and Rajeev while Chandrika tells her to not think about others and start loving herself.

Pari states that she does not know why Neeti has started misbehaving with her while Chandrika reveals to her that she thinks Bebe is behind this since Neeti has been spending time with her the most.

Chandrika tells her that she thinks Bebe has brainwashed Neeti and seeded doubt in Neeti's mind.

Back in Bebe's room, Rajeev asks them what they were talking about while Neeti lies that they were talking about today's events.

Rajeev looks at both of them while telling Neeti that he always finds her with Bebe and leaves from there as he thinks that Bebe is instigating Neeti against Pari.

Neeti gets worried but Bebe tells her that they should do everything with confidence and tells her to go to Rajeev.

Further, Neeti looks at Pari and Chandrika as she tells herself that she will remove Pari from their lives as soon as the abortion is done.

Later, Neeti is going through the medical bills in the cupboard and gets surprised to see another bill there.

A flashback shows Rajeev shouting for Neeti while she comes out of the bathroom with a dull face.

Rajeev tells her that they should go to the hospital while Neeti gets adored his care for her and reveals to him that their family of two is going to turn into a family of three.

His expression changes as Neeti blabbers about experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Seeing the change of expression on his face, Neeti asks him if he is not happy with the news but he tells her that it is nothing.

Neeti turns the conversation back into a cheery one and hugs him while wondering why Sanju is not happy with the good news.

Back in the present, Neeti wonders why Sanju was behaving that way since he hadn't even known about Pari back then.

Shaking these thoughts away, Neeti smiles saying that she is very happy since the family is finally giving her the rights of a daughter-in-law and that she has unmasked Pari's truth.

Just then, Neeti's consciousness comes there and asks her if she has unmasked Pari or her own mask of being a good person.

The consciousness tells Neeti that she should think about Sanju too since he is not a kid.

Neeti argues in favor of Sanju and says that Pari tricked Sanju while he was just wishing for a child.

The consciousness tells her that there is no medicine for ego and doubt tells her that she is sinning.

She tells Neeti that she is selfish and foolish to abort her own baby by getting influenced by Bebe.

Neeti sides with Bebe while the consciousness tells her to remember how Bebe has always had a problem with Pari.

She also reminds her about Taiji and how she had a problem with her but Pari had always stood up for her.

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