Parineeti 7th November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 7th November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 7th November 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 7th November 2022 episode starts with Monty urging Simmy to dance with him but Simmy denies it first.

Chandrika also urges Simmy to dance but Simmy taunts her by announcing Chandrika can only dance to Bengali songs.

On one hand, Simmy starts dancing; on the other hand, Rajeev calls Neeti outdated for still believing in these rituals.

Neeti, however, reminds Rajeev that Gurpreet believes in rituals so it is unbelievable she will make any mistake.

To divert Neeti’s mind, Rajeev embraces Neeti in his arms and announces that they should plan a second baby.

On the other hand, while Monty is looking through the audience to find a suitable person to call on stage, Gurpreet starts stressing out thinking Pari is the daughter-in-law of this family yet Monty has not called Pari for any performance.

Gurpreet then takes Pari’s name and orders Chandrika to bring Rajeev to dance with Pari.

Gurinder then teases Parminder about Pari dancing alone but Parminder orders Gurinder to be grateful to Pari because if Pari wants she can easily ruin Gurinder’s reputation in Barnala.

While Neeti and Rajeev are busy discussing their children’s career options, Chandrika arrives there and orders them to come inside.

Later, while Pari is dancing on the stage alone, Rajeev joins her on the stage and starts performing with her.

On one hand, Gurpreet excitedly takes a video of Pari and Rajeev’s dance; on the other hand, Neeti feels jealous seeing Pari close to Rajeev.

Looking at Pari and Rajeev, Parminder tells Chandrika that Pari and Rajeev are made for each other and even Chandrika exclaims that indeed Pari and Rajeev are looking so good together.

Neeti abruptly walks away as soon as the performance ends and Rajeev runs after her to talk to her.

Meanwhile, Pari urges Gurpreet and Harman to return to Barnala as it’s not good to stay out during Diwali.

Nodding her head, Gurinder bids farewell to the Bajwa family and orders Harman to start the car.

On the other hand, Neeti questions Rajeev if he has met Pari and Gurinder only through her with uncertainty in her eyes and Rajeev replies that he felt bad seeing Pari alone on the stage so he accompanied her, and Neeti nods.

Meanwhile, Pari confesses to Parminder and Chandrika about how she told Gurpreet Rajeev’s truth.

She further clarifies that later she told Gurpreet that she misunderstood Rajeev.

Chandrika urges Pari to stay in Bajwa’s house for now but Pari announces that she will leave soon as she cannot see Neeti and Rajeev together.

Neeti arrives there with Rajeev at the same time and kneels on the ground while Pari stares at them with a gloomy expression.

Neeti requests Rajeev if he will stay with her forever but Rajeev gazes at Pari.

With a fake smile, he agrees and Neeti puts a ring on his finger happily.

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