Parineeti 8th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Inspector guessing that Pari would be near him after which he asks the constable to look for Pari.

Meanwhile, Chandrika calls Amit and asks if he found Pari or not after which he tells her that they are trying to find her after that he cuts the call.

On the other hand, Pari hides in between the gaps of the car so that the constable cannot catch him whereas the Constable searches for her everywhere.

Pari comes out of there and wonders where Balli would be and after that, she decides to go to Balli’s home to charge her phone so that she can contact Rajeev.

She prays to god to look after her and the baby developing in her womb whereas Pammi asks Chandrika about Pari.

Chandrika lies to her that Amit told her that they will return soon after which Pammi scolds her and asks her to tell the truth.

Then, Neeti asks Chanrika what Monty told her after which Chandrika tells her that Monty didn’t find Pari which makes Pammi anxious and she asks god why so many problems are lined up.

Neeti smirks and says that god is taking her revenge on Bajwa because they have done so much wrong with her whereas Inspector comes to Balli’s house to ask about Pari.

Just then, Pari also reaches there and the Inspector notices that someone has entered the house after that he turns around and finds that Pari is standing there.

After that, she runs away from there while the police also go behind her but cannot find her while Pari charges her phone in a stall.

She calls Monty and tells her location to them after which Monty assures her that he is coming there along with Amit in a few minutes.

Amit asks Monty to not be late after which they go to find Pari whereas the Police decide to follow Amit’s car to reach Pari.

Unfortunately, the car goes from there on which Pari keeps the evidence after which she loses her whole hope of finding it and starts crying.

After that, she runs behind that car while Amit reaches the vendor’s stall from where Pari called him after which he gets to know that Pari ran behind the car on which she kept the evidence.

Amit and Monty go to find her while the inspector also reaches there and asks about Pari from the vendor after which he tells the same things to the Inspector that he told to Amit.

On the other hand, Neeti celebrates her victory and goes to eat rasmali after which notices that Bebe is also eating it secretly after which Bebe lies to her that she was feeling anxious so she was eating it.

Bebe asks her why she came there after which Neeti tells her that Rasmalai is her and Pari’s favorite so she gets nostalgic after seeing it.

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