Parineeti 8th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 8th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 8th January 2024 episode starts with Pandit Ji coming and seeing Rajeev crying, he hands him some sand telling him to put it over his love's forehead as it is sacred.

Sanju heads for the hospital when Veer Ji calls him and tells him while crying that the doctor has said that now Pari won't be able to make it out alive.

Rajeev drops the phone in shock while Neeti deliberately runs into Rajeev, making the sand from his hand fall however, Rajeev does not react and just walks away.

He goes back to the temple and maniacally rings the bell again and again, taking some red powder and putting it all over his forehead.

He takes out a picture of Pari and puts Vermillion on her forehead, placing it in front of Mata Rani's idol.

Meanwhile, the doctor is sure that Pari is dead when a nurse notices that Pari has lifted her finger, she informs the doctor and they immediately set to action as if it is a miracle.

Back in the temple, Rajeev blows into a big shell which takes all his strength away, making him fall when Pammi rushes to him while he gets a call from Veer Ji, informing him that Pari has been saved.

Rajeev happily gets up and informs Pammi who is also overjoyed.

Neeti overhears this and starts panicking in front of Surekha and Bebe.

Elsewhere, the doctor informs everyone that Pari is in the observation room and they can meet her, Rajeev and Pammi rush to Pari.

Pammi hugs her while Rajeev holds her hand when Pari says that she wants to go back home now.

Meanwhile, Pammi leaves for the reception while Rajeev sits with Pari, asking her how much importance she needs to which she says sorry.

Rajeev says that he is kidding and then starts crying, Pari wipes his tears while Neeti eavesdrops and gets jealous.

He then tells Pari that now they will go back home and get married, Pari smiles and says that she is looking forward to it.

Later, Pari comes out and everyone welcomes her, Rajveer says that he must put a roof over their heads and keep them happy.

Gurinder says that Pammi is very lucky as Rajveer is a very responsible husband to which she replies that Gurinder should not feel bad as Rajeev will give her every happiness there is in the world.

Pammi then turns to Pari, telling her that Rajeev is a very good guy and will keep her very happy.

She says that she is very happy that her daughter is marrying a guy like Rajeev, adding that now the worst has happened and things will only get better.

They all go home after which Rajeev asks Pari to take some rest as tomorrow is their wedding and he does not want to postpone as then they will miss the Muhrat.

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