Parineeti 8th July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 8th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti scolding Chandrika and saying that no one can snatch Rajeev from her, not Parvati Singhania.

After that, she comes down and asks Pandit Ji to stop the pooja and says that the death anniversary is celebrated for the people who are dead but Pari is there.

Rajeev asks Neeti why she is creating so much chaos in the ritual after that Amit, Babli, and other people request that Neeti not create a problem for Pari’s soul.

Then, Rajeev says that no one will request Neeti while she again pinches Parvati after that she yells at Neeti and asks her to be within her limits otherwise she will have to suffer.

Neeti takes Parvati to the temple and asks her to tell in front of god that she is not Pari so Parvati lies that she is not Pari and tells everyone that she is different from Pari.

Parvati says that Pari was so innocent and she used to keep others far above herself but she does not believe in anyone except Ambika.

She asks Neeti if she wants some other proof or if it is enough for her after that Neeti asks her to tell the truth that Ambika is her real mother while Parvati does not say anything.

Neeti smirks and asks Parvati why isn’t she saying anything after that Parvati accepts that Ambika is her mother which breaks Gurpreet’s heart and she starts crying.

Then, Neeti asks her why she becomes so emotional after seeing Gurpreet Parvati yell at her and say that she heard Neeti was Pari’s best friend but after seeing her it does not seem like it.

Parvati scolds her and asks her if she has ever thought of Gurpreet and how she would feel when she always calls her Pari as it would be giving her hope that she is Pari not Parvati.

She says that the Bajwa family does not feels for anyone after that she asks Rajeev to continue the pooja while Gurinder asks Neeti to tell Parvati to wear a white saree.

Neeti asks Parvati to wear a white saree for the ceremony as it is a death ceremony and Pandit ji also asks her to change the saree so Parvati agrees to them.

She takes Parvati to her room gives her a saree and goes to see Daljeet she asks him to fit a camera in the room because she wants to check the birthmark on Parvati’s hand which will prove that she is Pari.

Meanwhile, Parvati waits in Neeti's room along with Rajeev while he looks at her and recalls his Pari and murmurs that he feels Pari is still alive whereas Daljeet tells Neeti that he will find an opportunity and clicks Parvati’s hand picture to iden the mole.

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