Parineeti 8th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 8th June 2023 episode starts with Bebe separating Neeti and Pari by breaking their embrace.

Pari's engagement with Rakesh

Rakesh’s eyes light up as soon as Pari enters the living room and Mrs. Ahlawat orders Pari to come forward for the engagement ceremony.

However, the ring slips from Pari’s hand and rolls toward Rajeev’s feet.

Rajeev looks at the ring with a cynical face while Neeti orders Rajeev to give the ring to Pari for the engagement ceremony.

After a long moment, he finally picks up the ring to give it to Pari but as soon as he stands in front of Pari, he freezes.

Pari and Rajeev both look deep into each other’s eyes when Rakesh snatches the ring from Rajeev’s hand with a smug smile on her face, saying this ring is not useful for Rajeev.

At the same time, Bebe comes forward in order to bring Pari’s wounded hand out for the ring ceremony as Pari keeps flinching backward at the mention of engagement.

When Bebe shows brings Pari’s wounded hand, Rakesh claims that the wound is not deep because Pari has told him and rips the bandage off from Pari’s hand.

He forcefully puts the ring on Pari’s wounded finger without being bothered by Pari’s scream and Rajeev just clinches his fist which does not escape Parminder's eyes.

Once the engagement is over, Rakesh brings out some sweets to feed Pari but Rajeev suddenly comes forward to make Rakesh eat his own sweets.

Rajeev tells everyone that Pari is tired so they should let her rest for a while and the way he has held Pari's arms makes Neeti pissed.

Later, Rajeev is pacing in his room angrily when Neeti comments that everything is so messed up now.

Rajeev does not even try to understand Neeti's point of view, instead, he just blames Neeti for giving Pari's hand to Rakesh's.

Neeti walks away from there, mumbling that she does not think Rakesh is unworthy of Pari.

Rakesh's Hidden motive

After Neeti walks away, Gurinder enters the room and she also tries to make Rajeev understand that he needs to keep his head cool.

Otherwise, Neeti will learn the truth but Rajeev does not look like he cares.

Meanwhile, Rakesh goes to Pari's room so he can gift her a western gown for the evening party.

As Pari accepts the gift unwillingly, he remarks that he will love to eat spice since Pari has very sassy nowadays.

On the other hand, Parminder is stressing about Rajeev's growing closeness toward Pari when Bebe announces that if Pari does not get married, then Neeti's marriage will be in danger.

Later, when Pari arrives in the hall wearing the western gown, both Rajeev and Rakesh get mesmerized and Neeti's heart breaks as she realizes that Rajeev's eyes are fixed on Pari but not on her.

Rakesh then starts dancing with Pari to a romantic song which makes Pari uncomfortable and Rajeev very soon takes Pari's hand to dance.

As Pari and Rajeev get lost in each other's eyes, Neeti's heart shatters into pieces whereas Rakesh breaks a glass in anger.

He orders Pari to take care of her wound and Pari unwillingly goes with him.

Once they enter the room, Rakesh starts harassing Pari after locking the room door and Pari screams for help which makes Rakesh laugh.

However, Neeti hears Pari's scream so she runs to check on her and she notices the whole scenario from the window.

She urges Pari to keep calm as she runs to find a way to break into the room while Pari pushes Rakesh onto the bed by hitting him with a flower vase.

Pari then locks herself in the bathroom but soon Rakesh breaks the bathroom door, saying that heaven angels can get saved from devils but no one can safe Pari from him.

Meanwhile, Neeti roaming frantically in the hallway when Rajeev asks her if she is okay.

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