Parineeti 8th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 8th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rakesh and Daljeet telling Pari that Neeti is the culprit who tried to kill her mother and she hired Shambu for it.

Rakesh says that he wouldn't have told her about this thing but it is the ritual of that person who is about to die so his or her last wish is asked that's why they tell her.

Daljeet says that her end has come after he pushes Pari and she falls then she looks toward the goddess and reverts Daljeet with a tight slap and holds the stick in her defense to protect herself from Rakesh and Daljeet.

Rakesh asks her to not come near to him but she beats Rakesh and Daljeet with that stick and they fall after that she keeps the stick in its place.

Pari runs from there after that Daljeet and Rakesh wonders where Pari has gone after that Rakesh asks his men about Pari and they tell them that they are looking for Neeti.

Just then, Neeti comes there and she asks them how they were managing to handle Pari and asks them to go and find her at any cost after that she says that she shouldn't have trusted Daljeet and Rakesh.

Rakesh asks her to not worry after that Neeti says that they have to find Pari otherwise her truth will come out in front of Rajeev so before that they have to kill her and she asks everyone to spread in a different direction and find Pari.

Neeti asks Daljeet to kill Pari if she is standing next to Rajeev then also because she does not want her truth to come out so Daljeet assures her that he will find and kill Pari.

Daljeet notices Pari coming there and hides over there so that she cannot see him and he waits for her to come over there while Pari loses the way and she is not able to find the right direction in which to go.

Later, Daljeet comes in front of her and she gets terrified and she asks Daljeet why is he doing such things and she feels strange that he took birth from Pammi's womb while Daljeet laughs and does not say anything.

After that, he says that he wants to kill her so that Rajeev cannot extend his family otherwise, Pammi will transfer the whole property to her and Rajeev's kid's name.

Pari anyhow puts the soil in his eyes and runs from there while Daljeet feels itchy in his eye and gets angry with Pari while she comes near the temple and Rakesh also comes there and he notices Rajeev there along with Pammi and he is about to shoot him while Pari notices Rakesh which makes her anxious.

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