Parineeti 8th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 8th March 2023 episode starts with Neeti walking away as Bebe urges Neeti to turn around.

While Bebe continues yelling that it is not her fault, Rajeev arrives there and questions Bebe about what she is doing this late.

Bebe orders Rajeev to take care of his wife, causing Rajeev to get confused.

Afterward, as Rajeev tries to put his arm around Neeti, Neeti removes it away while Bebe’s words about men only love women can cook replay in her mind.

The next morning, Rajeev watches Neeti sleeping when she suddenly opens her eyes.

He stutters that he was just observing his beautiful wife, but Neeti walks away to the washroom.

Rajeev sits up on his bed, feeling confused as he cannot recall what mistake he has done due to which Neeti is angry at him.

When Neeti comes out of the washroom with a poker face, she tells Rajeev that she is having a headache.

Grabbing Neeti's hands, Rajeev orders her to sit on the bed while he brings a balm for her.

Neeti whispers that her headache will be cured only after Pari leaves the house.

Bebe comes there and informs Neeti that her Pari problem will be solved very soon which surprises Neeti.

Bebe narrates how she found Pari making tea in the kitchen when Parminder ordered her to make kheer for her and as soon as Parminder left, Pari turned away to find milk.

She goes on to say that she removed the gas pipe so now, Pari will leave the house in just 5-7 minutes.

Neeti yells at Bebe asking her if she has gone mad to which Bebe replies that she is doing it for Neeti’s sake only.

Without hearing any more thing from Bebe, Neeti sprints out of the room to rescue Pari who is busy searching for the matchsticks.

Neeti puts her foot on her dupatta, falling to the floor whereas Pari continues trying to light up a matchstick.

Just then, Bebe grabs Neeti’s hands tightly to stop her but Neeti tries to get free of the grip.

Bebe reminds her that this is the same Pari who has stolen Neeti's husband and her family.

Neeti announces that she accepts that Pari is her “sauten” but Pari is her sister so she cannot kill her.

Bebe urges Neeti to let Pari die but Neeti pushes Bebe away and runs to the kitchen to save Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari fetches a new matchstick to light up the gas when Neeti pulls her in a hug with tears streaming down her face.

Surprised Pari questions Neeti if she is all right to which Neeti replies that she has come here to make tea for herself.

Remembering Pari’s phera with Rajeev, Neeti lets go of Pari a little too harshly and sternly questions Pari if she assumes that Neeti can never cook after yesterday’s event.

On the other hand, Bebe is throwing things in her room out of frustration when Pari approaches her to ask what is wrong.

Bebe accuses Pari of biting Rajeev and Neeti with bad luck like a snake.

Rajeev who overhears the conversation feels grateful to have Pari as Neeti's friend who is like a Goddess and wishes for PariNeeti's long-lasting friendship.

Meanwhile, Neeti is trying to fix the gas pipe when Rajeev walks in, and as Rajeev is about to switch on the gas, Neeti leaps forward to save Rajeev as the fire goes on.

As Rajeev shields Neeti with his body, everyone in the house arrives there and Pari rescues them with the blanket.

Afterward, Bebe again accuses Pari of Rajeev's wounds while Neeti gives Pari a death glare.

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