Parineeti 8th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 8th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari expressing her fear to Rajeev after which he tries to console her.

Meanwhile, they notice a knife being thrown at Pari but Rajeev saves her and tries to catch the person who threw it.

On the other hand, the inspector sends a voice note to Rajeev to protect Pari from Neeti whereas Daljeet brings away Rakesh from there so that Rajeev cannot catch him.

Rakesh fights with Daljeet and asks him why is he coming in between him and Pari but Daljeet tries to explain to him to think from his mind.

Pari and Rajeev search for Neeti as she has not shown up for so many hours while Shradha ji comes and asks Pari to come along with her and sing Maat's bhajan in jagrata.

Pari tells her that first she will search for Neeti then she will come but Shradha asks Gurinder to insist Pari to come and sing bhajan along with her.

Gurinder asks Pari to sing one bhajan and then search for Neeti after which they start the jagrata while Pandit ji asks Gurinder to bring flowers after which she goes on the terrace and brings flowers.

Meanwhile, Pammi hears Daljeet's loud voice where Rakesh has held his neck while beating him which makes Pammi tense and she asks Daljeet to open the door.

Rajeev comes there so he breaks the door and they enter the room whereas Neeti loses the chandelier once again so that Pari can die after coming under it.

In the meantime, Gurinder comes there and notices that the terrace's main gate is open whereas Pammi asks Daljeet what happened.

Daljeet lies to her that nothing has happened and lies to her that the mouse has come into the room so he panics.

Rakesh hides behind the curtain and comes out when Pammi goes from there after that he beats Daljeet while he explains to Rakesh to understand him.

Rajeev gets worried because the inspector's call is unreachable after which Bebe says that she is trying to contact the inspector.

Gurinder comes to the terrace and notices Neeti spreading powder on the floor so that Pari can trip and fall after which she holds Neeti's hand and asks her why is she trying to harm Pari but Neeti does not answer her question and makes weird expressions.

The inspector notices that the voice note that he sent to Rajeev has been read but Rajeev has not replied after which he thinks that someone else has read the message.

Constable suggests he contact Rajeev's mother Gurinder but she leaves her phone downstair when she goes on the terrace to bring the flowers and she gets busy in an argument with Neeti.

Meanwhile, Pammi meets Monty after which he asks her to forgive Daljeet as his heart is so big that after being lashed out by his mother he still comes.

Then, Pammi asks him to go and join the jagrata while the inspector manages to contact Gurinder and he tells Neeti's truth after which Gurinder scolds her saying that Neeti was trying to kill Pari.

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