Parineeti 8th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 8th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder feeding Pari with her own hands which makes Chandrika feel weird and she murmurs that Gurinder is being extra sweet to Pari.

After that, she goes to her room and discusses it with Amit but he says that Gurinder has changed as she has started loving Pari now while Chandrika does not believe in it.

Chandrika says that Gurinder is acting and she does not love Pari genuinely which makes Amit angry and he asks her to change her view of Gurinder.

Amit scolds Chandrika and says that she always finds fault in Gurinder instead of seeing her good side whereas Chandrika decides to find out what is going on in Gurinder's mind.

She goes downstairs and asks Mahua to clean the room while Pammi comes there after which she tells her that Gurinder does not love Pari and she just acts of loving her.

Pammi does not believe in her and says that she cannot believe in this thing after which Chandrika tells her that she had a weird feeling when Gurinder snatched a plate from her hand in the kitchen.

She shows the mark that occurs on her hand when Gurinder holds her hands tightly whereas Neeti secretly overhears Rajeev's conversation and tries to what is he doing.

After that, Rajeev turns around and asks her what she is doing after which she tries to ask what he is doing then Rajeev tells her that he is hiring a private detective after which Pammi calls him so he goes to meet her.

Neeti becomes anxious and wonders what is going on in Rajeev's mind and she goes to Pari's room to ask about it but Pari asks her why she told her last night that Rajeev and her marriage will break because of the demise of their upcoming baby.

Meanwhile, Rajeev overhears it and becomes angry after which he asks Neeti why she said such a bad thing to Pari but Neeti does not say anything.

Rajeev asks Neeti to stay within her limits when Gurinder comes there, and she takes away Neeti from there and advises her to behave in the same way as Pari behaved when she lost her child.

Gurinder asks Neeti to take care of Pari and win everyone's heart after that Rajeev and Pari come into the hall then Neeti murmurs that she will snatch Rajeev from her.

Neeti wishes her birthday to Pari in front of everyone while Rajeev tells Pari that Pammi is making so much effort to make Pari's birthday special whereas Neeti hugs Pari.

Later, Pari's birthday celebration begins and Neeti brings gifts for her, but she searches for Rajeev and he gives her a surprise to make her feel good.

Neeti gets jealous but she does not show it in front of Pari whereas Rajeev dances for Pari which brings tears to Pari's eyes after that Neeti dances for Pari and everyone admires her.

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