Parineeti 8th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 8th November 2023 episode starts with Neeti telling Sukwinder along with Bebe about their plan which makes Sukwinder worried.

She tries to explain to Neeti that this is not going to end well for her but Bebe interrupts and says that if she is Neeti’s mother then she should take her side.

Sukwinder angrily says that it is Bebe who has been instigating her which makes Neeti angry.

Meanwhile, Sanju is looking at Pari while smiling and telling Amit that she will make a very good mother. Amit replies that he is aware that she is only the surrogate mother.

He then tells Sanju that Chandrika is angry at him because he is talking to some other woman.

Sanju explains to him that it is only because she loves her so much and cannot bear to see him with some other woman.

Sanju then tells him that he should never eat some other woman’s food, or share his personal life with her because that builds an emotional connection.

Amit says that is why Sanju has a soft corner for Pari because he has eaten Pari’s food and shared his life with her which makes Sanju speechless.

Sanju replies that he knows and he was not talking about his and Neeti’s child.

Outside the house, the goons are planning the way they will kill Pari.

After a while, Neeti finds Sanju talking to Pari and gets angry at him which makes him say that what is he doing is troubling her a lot.

He then says that she has been only complaining and is only throwing tantrums his way and since she is trying to push him away, a day will come when her wish will be granted.

Neeti says that it seems like Pari is trying to lure her to which he says that he has not time for this futile conversation.

Sanju says that he wishes to show her the love he has for her but that does not mean he does not care about Pari.

Neeti says that he has to choose between love and care to which he says that he cares about both of them and cannot choose.

He then says that time has changed and now he cares about both of them which breaks Neeti’s heart.

Meanwhile, Sukwinder is worried about Neeti when Gurinder comes and tells her that Neeti is a clever girl and can never do anything wrong.

Sanju arrives and asks Sukwinder and Gurinder to explain to Neeti that he only loves her and then leaves. Neeti comes after him and tells the two of them that Sanju said that he cannot choose between her and Pari. Neeti then says that everything is fair in love and war and that is why she will resort to extreme measures.

Outside the house, the goons are setting a trap for Neeti when an iron wall decorated with flowers accidentally starts falling at him. Neeti saves him which shocks the goon. 

Pammi says that she is pregnant and should not have done that. The goon realizes his mistake.

A few while later, the goon goes to Neeti and tells her everything while Pammi watches them from a distance in suspicion.

The goon says that he will not do the job because she saved her life. Pammi starts moving towards them when she hears Neeti saying that she will not pay him a penny if her work is not done.

Pammi tasks Neeti why is she talking about paying that guy when Bebe comes and manages the situation by saying that she will deduct his money for breaking two glasses. Neeti appologieses and says that she was having a bad day.

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