Parineeti 8th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 8th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 8th September 2023 episode starts with Neeti going into Pari's room and Pari feeling happy while seeing her.

She says that she wants to talk to her but Neeti rudely says that Pari is not that important to her now.

Pari tries to explain to her everything that she doesn't have any wrong intentions for Rajeev and also the child in her womb is her.

She even tells her that she welcomed Neeti as a bride in this house then how can she doubt her?

She also confirms that what's Neeti's will always remain Neeti's but Neeti gets angry and takes Pari into the hall by pulling her hand.

Pari is in pain after reaching the hall, Neeti argues with Pari in the hall and Bebe brings Rajveer also to see the drama.

Rajeev also comes there and asks Neeti why she is shouting like anything while she stares at him and congratulates him on his marriage with Pari.

Rajeev gets surprised to hear it while Neeti suddenly yells at him for hiding the truth.

She also questions Parminder that she considers her as a daughter but still takes Pari's side.

She asks her to take a stand for her and questions Chandrika that she is her elder sister-in-law but still, she also doesn't tell her anything.

She questions every family member as to why they hide the truth from her.

Suddenly, Neeti makes eye contact with Rajeev and asks why he is so stone-hearted even after having a love marriage with her.

Finally, Rajeev yells at her for making his family embarrassed and he says that if she got to know the truth then why she didn't ask him directly in private?

Neeti stares at him and says that still he is thinking about his family and not about her and just then she starts doubting his love for her.

She puts a condition in front of him to choose between her and Pari but Rajeev shouts at her and asks if she has gone mad.

Further, Pari also interrupts and says that he only loves Neeti and asks her if she is blaming everyone but what about her behavior and the way she did bad things to Pari?

Parminder also agrees to Pari while Neeti stares at Rajeev and has a mental breakdown.

Pari decides to leave the house after all the commotion but Rajeev tries to stop her and tells Neeti that it's their responsibility to take care of her as she is going to give birth to their child soon.

Neeti says that she doesn't want this child and forces Pari to abort it but Rajeev comes in between and asks her to stay away from Pari and his child.

Meanwhile, Parminder asks for an apology from Neeti but she insults Parminder and says that she will not forgive anyone as they broke her trust.

Pari gets angry and tells Neeti's truth to everyone that she tried to kill the baby and everyone is shocked.

She explains everything in brief how Neeti hired a fake doctor and locked her in a room that is intoxicated with harmful gas.

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