Parineeti 9th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari coming to Jankee’s home to take the shed so that the police cannot see her.

After that, she informs Pammi about it and cuts the call while Jankee tells Pari that she has another opportunity to help her.

Jankee tells everything to Pari that happened with her when she came to give evidence in the court which makes Pari shocked.

Meanwhile, Jankee tells her that she took a loan from Rushad but he waved her loan as she has been working at his home for so many years when he got to know that she was going against Madhu so he asked her to give back the loan money.

Jankee says that she can help her in all aspects but not by telling the truth in court after which Pari asks her to not worry and after that she receives a call from Chandrika.

Chandrika asks her where is she after which she tells her that she is at Jankee’s home while Neeti overhears her conversation and becomes sad when she hears that Pari has not been arrested.

On the other hand, Madhu argues with her friend regarding the ongoing scenario and says that she does not want to lose a husband like Rushad and she also taunts her friend for getting an ex-husband like Shally.

Madhu’s friend gets angry and asks her to handle the case and kill the Pari if she is not left with any other option after which Madhu yells at her and says that she won’t be doing anything.

After that, her friend terrifies her then Madhu says that she will do something to stop Pari from going to court whereas Jankee gives breakfast to Pari but she refuses to eat it.

Then, Jankee forces her to eat for the baby developing in her womb after which Pari has breakfast whereas Pammi prays to god for Pari’s welfare.

Chandrika tells Pammi that she had a conversation with Pari where she told her that she will reach the court directly from Jankee’s home after which Pammi says that they should send Monty along with Pari for her safety.

Pammi asks god to give a decision in their favor today because Pari has struggled a lot after which Chandrika assures her that everything will happen according to their will.

Meanwhile, Rajvee murmurs that Pari will bring solid evidence to bring him out of jail whereas Amit and Rajveer also pray to god after that Chandrika says that they are getting late for the court.

Then, they leave the house for the court after which they meet Rajeev and he seeks the elder’s blessing and asks for Pari after which Pammi tells him that she is on the way.

Amit tells him that Pari struggled the whole night to collect the evidence which makes Rajeev feel bad whereas Neeti murmurs that now again Rajeev will get closer to Pari.

Meanwhile, Neeti looks at Rajeev and sees that he is staring at her after which she thinks that Rajeev still has love for her while he murmurs that due to Neeti today he got to know more about Pari.

He considers Pari as his ideal wife and feels blessed to her while Chandrika tells Pammi that Pari’s phone is unreachable which makes her anxious.

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