Parineeti 9th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 9th December 2023 episode starts with Neeti burning the flowers near the temple portion whereas Pammi sees the fire in that area and she panics.

She asks Neeti to get away but Neeti ignores her while Rajeev comes there and saves Neeti.

Neeti hugs Rajeev in the corridor when he protects her from falling in the lobby which breaks Pari’s heart and she cries in a corner.

After that, Rajeev goes on the terrace and questions himself if he loves Neeti now or not as he talks to his shadow who explains to him that Neeti does not exist in his life because she has crossed her limits.

Rajeev says that she was not like this but why she didn’t trust him and then he try to accept that she did not have any feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Neeti comes to the terrace and asks him why he protected her from falling & he says that he did it for humanity.

He gets frustrated and says that he cannot give the same answer every time while she thinks that she should not tolerate her disrespect.

Neeti says that she won’t forgive him so Rajeev begs her to get out of his life as he wants to move on in his life.

She cries and says that she wants to improve things but Rajeev says that now time has gone so he cannot help with anything.

Neeti hugs him and requests him to improve their relationship and she starts crying and Rajeev feels emotional for her and also hugs her.

Meanwhile, Pari changes her dress and Babli sees the color of mehendi in Pari’s hand and says that Rajeev loves her the most.

Pari says that she is feeling awkward with this marriage as she does not want Rajeev to show sympathy to her.

Babli tries to explain to her that Rajeev has feelings for her and that’s why he left Neeti for her and Chandrika also explains the same to her.

They ask what she wants after which she says that she wants Rajeev’s happiness whereas Rajeev asks Neeti to go away from there.

Neeti runs from the house while Rajeev’s houseworker calls him and informs him that Neeti is running on the road without seeing anything on the road so Rajeev gets tensed to hear it.

Meanwhile, Gurinder tells Bebe that Rajeev will marry Neeti for sure under any condition whereas Bebe asks Gurinder that if they do not go to the temple tomorrow then Pammi will not do the drama.

Gurinder asks her if she is afraid of Pammi while Bebe says that she isn’t afraid of anyone in this world.

Rajeev goes to find Neeti and runs behind her asking her to stop but she falls on the road meeting with an accident.

After that, Rajeev takes her hospital and the doctor prescribes her medicines while Rajeev says that he will drop her at the house.

However, Neeti says that she will manage on her own.

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