Parineeti 9th July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 9th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Parvati changing her saree in the guest room where Neeti has installed a camera and its video gets displayed on the screen which makes everyone surprised.

Rajeev asks Neeti to disconnect it but she is not able to do it then Rajeev removes the wire but Daljeet is secretly following Parvati when she changes her saree but she notices him.

She becomes angry and yells at him after that Rajeev goes there to see her when she yells at Daljeet and Neeti also comes over there while Rajeev holds his collar and brings him downstairs.

Neeti asks Rajeev to leave him but he shows the footage to everyone after that Neeti scolds him while Daljeet says that he likes Parvati which makes her angry and she shouts at him.

Parvati asks him how he dared to say such a thing but Daljeet gives an explanation to her and says that he was not aware that she was there and that he was going there to bring some things but he stopped there after seeing her.

Daljeet says that he was mesmerized by her beauty so he couldn't stop himself after which Parvati yells at him and asks him to go away from there then Gurinder tells Parvati that it is Daljeet's house.

Pammi says that again Daljeet has made her embarrassed in front of everyone and she asks god why he has kept her alive till now while Rajeev takes away Daljeet from the house and asks him to go away from there.

Daljeet again says that he likes Parvati and asks Rajeev to not react much as she is Parvati, not Pari after which Rajeev says that making a video of a girl changing clothes does not prove that you love him or her.

Meanwhile, Parvati tries to console Pammi but Gurinder and Bebe taunt her after which Parvati gives a befitting reply to them which makes them feel offended.

Neeti calls Daljeet and asks him why did she said that he is interested in Parvati after which Daljeet says that he didn't have any other option so he does that while Salil overhears their conversation and tells Ambika about it.

Rajeev after giving last warning to Daljeet goes inside the house and asks Parvati what happened after that she tells him that his family is very dramatic where one woman is another woman's enemy.

After that, she again lashes out at Gurinder by saying that she hasn't given good manners to Rajeev after that he gives justification but Parvati does not listen to him while Neeti says that they are getting late for the pooja so Parvati goes to change saree.

Ambika panics after knowing that Neeti has done such a bad thing to know about Pari's mole so she asks Salil to do something whereas Neeti becomes overconfident and tells Gurinder that Pari cannot defeat her from knowing her truth.

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