Parineeti 9th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 9th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 9th June 2023 episode starts with Rajeev telling Neeti that he is bringing Rakesh Parminder’s medicine.

He again asks Neeti about Rakesh and Neeti replies stutteringly that she will give this medicine to Rakesh so Rajeev does not need to worry.

Rajeev then collides with Chandrika in the hallway who questions Rajeev about if he has developed a liking for Pari because Pari has done so much for them.

Chandrika awaits Rajeev’s reply as she recalls Bebe and Parminder’s conversation about Pari and Rajeev’s growing closeness and Rajeev strictly replies that he just cares for Pari.

Meanwhile, Rakesh is growling at Pari for getting pregnant so early while he holds Pari’s arms so tightly but Pari begs Rakesh to let her go with tears in her eyes.

However, Neeti enters the room by breaking the door like a hero and she orders Rakesh to stay away from Pari.

As Rakesh keeps violently shaking Pari for the answer, Neeti yanks him away from Pari like a raging bull.

Before Rakesh can understand what is happening, Neeti starts hitting him with the stick.

Rakesh questions Neeti if she has gone mad but instead of answering, Neeti keeps beating him for touching Pari without her consent.

Pari watches Neeti taking a stand for her in awe and feels proud of Neeti for being brave.

At the same time, Rakesh runs out of the room to save himself from Neeti's attack who chases Rakesh through the hall with the stick in her hand.

Rakesh enters Neeti's room during this run and he falls onto the bed, asking Neeti if she has forgotten about her words with him.

None of Rakesh's words enter Neeti's head as she is too angry at him for hurting Pari that she keeps beating him while Rakesh stands up angrily.

He twists Neeti around by grabbing her arm which causes Neeti to yell in agony and he reveals that he can not marry this Pari who is carrying someone else's child.

Neeti tries to reason with Rakesh by stating that Pari is a surrogate mother yet Rakesh refuses to accept anything as he cannot digest the fact that his precious Pari is pregnant.

As he walks out of the room, Neeti realizes the gravity of this situation and runs after Rakesh to calm him down.

Meanwhile, everyone gets stunned to see the look of anger on Rakesh's face when he arrives in the room.

Rakesh orders his family to leave since he has to go for an important meeting.

Neeti appears in the hall just then, pleading with Rakesh to talk to her but Rakesh is too angry to listen to her.

After Rakesh and his family walk away, Bebe takes Neeti aside to learn what has happened whereas Rajeev runs to check on Pari since he is sure something has happened between Rakesh and Neeti.

However, Bebe calls Neeti dumb after hearing Neeti's explanation as now Pari will stay with Rajeev for the rest of her life while Neeti exclaims that she cannot let Rakesh mistreat Pari.

Bebe reminds Neeti that she should have let Rakesh touch Pari after all they are getting married soon but Neeti looks at Bebe with disgust.

She orders Neeti to come with her as she needs to show Neeti something and as they walk to Pari's room, Bebe informs Neeti that Rajeev has started leaning toward Pari.

Meanwhile, in Pari's room, Rajeev pulls Pari into a tight hug when Pari stumbles on her feet which gets noticed by Neeti and Bebe.

After Neeti walks away from there in tears, Pari thanks Rajeev for always standing with her and Rajeev claims that he is just doing his job.

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