Parineeti 9th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 9th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rakesh and Daljeet fighting among themselves after which Neeti comes over there and she asks them to not waste their time.

She asks about Pari from them after which they tell her that she has escaped from there while Pari is standing there behind the pillar, and she hears their conversation.

Neeti scolds them and says that they are good for nothing and that Pari is not so brave as her parents never allowed her to go anywhere.

She says that Rakesh is not a good lover otherwise if he was focused on killing her then by this time, he should have killed her after that she tells Daljeet that Pammi did well by removing him away from the family.

Daljeet gets provoked and asks Neeti to not say anything and he counts on the things that he has done for her which surprises Pari and Rakesh also counts on the things that he has done along with her.

Rakesh tells Neeti that he has helped her in aborting Pari's child which gives a shock to Pari while Neeti asks them to do something after which Daljeet and Rakesh go to find Neeti.

On the other hand, Bebe tells Gurinder that she is not able to walk anymore as she starts having pain in her knee and she asks Gurinder to contact Neeti while Gurinder has fun with her and says that when someone dies in the temple then he or she directly goes to heaven.

Bebe asks her if she is signaling toward Pari while Daljeet comes over there and tells Gurinder that Pari has learned their truth, and she has escaped from there and she is searching for the Bajwa family so that she can tell the truth to them.

Gurinder and Bebe panic after which they decide to find Pari while Bebe tells them that she cannot walk so she will wait over there for them while Pari comes in front of Neeti and slaps her for doing wrong with her.

Neeti gets angry and gives a befitting reply to her and saying that she has snatched Rajeeva and her family from her and says that Rajeev loves her while Pari tells her that he used to love her but now he loves her.

Pari tells Neeti that Rajeev wants to marry her and that today he will marry her in front of everyone, but Neeti does not accept it and says that Rajeev is making her a fool.

Meanwhile, Pari taunts her and says that her wedding didn't even work for seven months while he wants to be with her for seven lifetimes and she tells Neeti that she will tell everything to Rajeev that has done to her.

After that, Neeti ruthlessly beats Pari and hits her head with a pillar due to which Pari's head starts bleeding, but she gets up and anyhow takes a stand for herself and reverts Neeti by hitting her head too.

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