Parineeti 9th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder scolding Neeti after learning her truth from the inspector.

She asks Neeti to tell her why she is trying to kill Pari but Neeti does not tell her anything after which Gurinder tells her that she is going to tell the truth to the whole Bajwa family.

Neeti becomes scared and she starts her drama and becomes innocent in front of Gurinder and asks Gurinder what is she saying.

Gurinder says that Pammi was correct that Neeti has not lost her memory after which Neeti asks her to believe in her but Gurinder scolds her.

After that, Gurinder tells Neeti that women of her age used to come to Barnala to take advice for their married life.

Neeti accepts her mistake in front of her and asks for an apology from her saying that she loves Rajeev a lot so she cannot leave him.

Gurinder becomes silent and hears the things which Neeti says after which Neeti says that she did wrong by allowing Pari to enter inside her family.

Neeti says that she is doing the same thing that Pari did and enters their house without letting anyone know her truth.

However, Gurinder does not melt after which Neeti starts crying and saying that she cannot let Rajeev go away from herself.

After that, Gurinder starts laughing and saying that she has already lost Rajeev by her foolishness, and she scolds Neeti saying that she will not melt by her crocodile's tear.

Neeti stares at her with a lot of rage in her eyes after which Gurinder says how can she even think that Bajwa's family will forgive her for such a huge blunder.

Gurinder pushes her next to the wall and says that she will not forgive her and tell the whole truth to the family members after which Rajeev will kick her out of the house.

Neeti taunts her saying that she thinks Gurinder is her well-wisher, but she is breaking her expectations, and she compares her with the doctor who helped her in lying.

Then, she narrates everything to Gurinder about how she manipulated the doctor by shedding two drops of tears after which she gets ready to take her side in front of Pari and Rajeev.

Neeti asks Gurinder to support her as usual, but Gurinder denies it and says that she does not want to become part of her lies.

Meanwhile, Pammi asks Daljeet why he is lying to her and asks him the exact reason why he came there.

Daljeet requests her to believe in him and he repeats the same thing again and again that he wants good things for the Bajwa family.

Pammi does not say anything after this, she just warns him to never do anything wrong and asks him to go from there after the Jagrata ends.

On the other hand, Gurinder scolds Neeti and says that she will not let Neeti ruin the Bajwa family's respect and will tell the truth to everyone.

Neeti warns Gurinder for going against her and tells her that if she will not defend her then she will make her life hell.

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